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Sunflower Heart Feeder

Bird Seed Feeders

A good quality seed feeder will last and will be easier to clean. If you have squirrels in your garden, consider one of our squirrel resistant feeders as in the long run you’ll save money.

Big Easy™ Seed FeederNew
from £7.95
Big Easy™ Seed Feeder
Squirrel Solution Seed Saver 200New
Squirrel Solution Seed Saver 200
Dewdrop Bird FeederNew
from £18.75
Dewdrop Bird Feeder
Ring-Pull PRO Zinc Seed FeederNew
Ring-Pull PRO Zinc Seed Feeder
Yellow Garden Cup FeederNew
Yellow Garden Cup Feeder
Red Garden Cup FeederNew
from £5.95
Red Garden Cup Feeder
Orange Garden Cup FeederNew
Orange Garden Cup Feeder
Wild Bird Garden Cup FeedersNew
from £11.90 was £17.85
Wild Bird Garden Cup Feeders
Mother's Day Garden Cup Offer
Mother's Day Garden Cup Offer
NEW! 'The One' Seed FeederHelp to Fly
from £7.99 was £8.75
NEW! 'The One' Seed Feeder
Bill Oddie's Premium Metal Seed FeederBill Oddie Feeders
Bill Oddie's Premium Metal Seed Feeder
The Acorn Seed FeederHelp to Fly
from £59.95
The Acorn Seed Feeder
Sunflower Hearts FeederBest Seller
from £14.95
Sunflower Hearts Feeder
The Nuttery Cage Seed FeederSquirrel resistant
The Nuttery Cage Seed Feeder
Devonshire Seed FeederNew
from £9.95
Devonshire Seed Feeder
The Helix Seed FeederSquirrel resistant
from £28.99 was £35.95
The Helix Seed Feeder
The Onyx Deluxe Seed FeederLifetime Guarantee
from £24.99 was £29.95
The Onyx Deluxe Seed Feeder
Nuttery Roundhaus
from £24.95
Nuttery Roundhaus
Bill Oddie's Premium Plastic Seed FeedersBill Oddie Feeders
Bill Oddie's Premium Plastic Seed Feeders
Nuttery Geohaus
from £24.95
Nuttery Geohaus
Giant 12 Port Bird Seed Feeder - MetalSquirrel resistant
Giant 12 Port Bird Seed Feeder - Metal

To attract the widest possible variety (not just the occasional Blue Tit) of birds to bird feeders, it's important to offer several different feeders and foods in your garden. Basically, these can be split into four types: peanut feeders, seed feeders, Niger seed feeders and softfood/live food feeders. So one each of these bird feeders plus, a cage for suet blocks should ensure you maximise the number of different species of wild bird you can attract to your garden.