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Vitamin & Mineral Supplements

Buy quality vitamin and mineral supplements for cage and aviary birds direct from Haith's. We stock these trusted specialist brands: Vetark, Johnsons, Aviform and Avigold.

Aviform: Avigold AdvanceNew
Aviform: Avigold Advance
BSP (broad spectrum vitamin drops) for cage birdsNew
BSP (broad spectrum vitamin drops) for cage birds
from £6.65
Zolcal D liquid calcium supplementNew
Zolcal D liquid calcium supplement
Avipro Avian ProbioticNew
from £9.24
Avipro Avian Probiotic
Critical Care formulaNew
from £11.75
Critical Care formula
from £7.22
Aviform Prolyte Probiotic and PrebioticNew
Aviform Prolyte Probiotic and Prebiotic
Soluverm WormerNew
from £24.00
Soluverm Wormer
Johnsons Iodised Pecks
from £0.60
Johnsons Iodised Pecks
Aviform: Calciform
from £13.95
Aviform: Calciform
Aviform: Prolyte -C
from £8.95
Aviform: Prolyte -C