Our Approved Bait Firms* are amongst Europe's elite boilie manufacturers, and they lead the world of carp fishing. They all purchase our fresh ingredients and have made a firm commitment to choose Haith's genuine bait ingredients which - of course - includes Robin Red® (a registered trademark of John E. Haith Ltd, Haith's). 

So... if you're looking to buy a ready-made boilie, and you want Haith's genuine ingredients to feature in it, select from some of the best boilie manufacturers on the planet...  

Go! Find Robin Red




Boilie and More Logo 
Boilie & More - www.boilieandmore.at

Boiliemaschine.at logoRobin Red License Robin Gold Licence Robin Orange Licence Robin Green Licence
Boiliemaschine.at - www.boiliemaschine.at
Robin Red® Licence No: RR0012111116AT
- Robin Gold® Licence No: RG0059070317AT
Robin Orange® Licence No: RO0060070317AT - Robin Green® Licence No: RGR061070317AT

Carp Kitchen
Carp's Kitchen - www.carpskitchen.at

Rechberger KG Logo
Rechberger KG - www.carpcenter.at/

MM Baitservice
MM Baitservice.AT - mm-baitservice.at

Kugelschmiede logo Robin Red Licence Robin Green License
Kugelschmiede - Carp Bait and Tackle - https://www.kugelschmiede.at/produkte/r-s-1/
Robin Red® Licence No: RR0047140217AT - Robin Green®  Licence No: RGR049140217AT


KB Boilieddraaiservice Logo KB Boilieddraaiservice Robin Red LicenceKB Boilieddraaiservice Robin Gold Licence Robin Orange LogoKB Boilieddraaiservice Robin Green Licence
KB Boilieddraaiservice - www.kbboiliedraaiservice.be

Robin Red® Licence No: RR3813023113BE - Robin Gold®  Licence No: RG1240811215BE
Robin Orange™ Licence No: RO2731414815BE - Robin Green®  Licence No: RGR113216913BE

Original Baits LogoOriginal Fishing Baits Robin Red LogoRobin Gold LicenseRobin Orange Logo

Original Fishing Baits - www.ofbaits.be
Robin Red® Licence No: RR4785628116BE -
Robin Gold® Licence
Robin Orange® Licence No: RO8508504716BE


Croatia Flag  Croatia

Match Fishing.hr Logo Match Fishing LogoRobin Gold LogoRobin Green Logo
Matchfishing.hr - matchfishing.hr
Robin Red® Licence No: RR0019110117HR - Robin Gold™ Licence No: RR0020110117HR
Robin Green™ Licence No: RGR021110117HR


Gašo obrt za prijevoz, proizvodnju i trgovinuVUKSIC-OBRT ZA TRGOVINU I USLUGE VL D.VUKSIC Robin Red License
VUKSIC-OBRT ZA TRGOVINU I USLUGE VL D.VUKSIC - www.carpshop-vuksic.com/en/
Robin Red® Licence No: RR0018090117HR


  Czech Republic

Chytil LogoChytil Robin Red Licence
Chytil Company - www.chytiljsem.cz
Robin Red® Licence No: RR2283719913CZ

Jet Fish Logo
Jet Fish - www.jetfish.cz

Karel Nikl - www.nikl.cz 
Robin Red® Licence No: RR2341818213CZ

Mikbaits - www.mikbaits.cz/
Robin Red® Licence No:RR3848831113CZ

Mr Vaclav FreylichFISH PRO SRO -

Sportcarp Vapenik A Saravec SRO -
Robin Red® Licence No:RR1631831316CZ

U.F.O Fishing Logo  Robin Red LicenceRobin Gold LogoRobin Green Logo
U.F.O Fishing S.R.O - http://www.ufofishing.com/vyhledavani/?string=haiths
Robin Red® Licence No:RR0069300317CZ - Robin Gold® Licence No:RG0070300317CZ
Robin Green® Licence No:RGR071300317CZ

Denmark  Denmark

Northern Baits
Northern Baits - www.northernbaits.dk


Sensas S.A / Starbaits - www.starbaits.fr 
Robin Red® Licence No: RR2705915313FR - Robin Gold™ Licence No: RG2593815413FR
Robin Orange™ Licence No: RO5593215413FR - Robin Green™ Licence No: RGR342615413FR

Carp Baits Diffusion - http://www.rouletesbouillettes.com/
Robin Red® Licence No: RR3193801213FR

Bouillette Maison
robin red licence
Bouillette-Maison - http://bouillette-maison.fr/hs.html

Carp Boilies Natural
Carpboilies Natural -

Kowa Baits Kowa Baits Robin Red Licence
Kowa Baits - www.kowa-baits.com/achat-kowa-red-label-393245.html
Robin Red® Licence No: RR1236811215FR

Magnetikbaits -

Sarl Natural Baits Sarl Natural Baits  robin red licence
Sarl Natural Baits - www.naturalbaits.com
Robin Red® Licence No: RR4579814313FR


  Great Britain 

Dynamite Baits LogoDynamite Baits Robin red Licence
Dynamite Baits - http://www.dynamitebaits.com 
Robin Red® Licence No: RR5014730113UK

Nash Tackle LogoNash Tackle Robin Red Licence
Nash Tackle - http://www.nashtackle.co.uk/products/view/4g-squid
Robin Red® Licence No: RR3792929113UK

CC More logo Robin red LicenceCC Moore Robin Gold Licence
CC Moore & Co Ltd - www.ccmoore.com
Robin Red® Licence No: RR4107321113UK - Robin Gold™ Licence No: RG6406272215UK

Spa Baits Robin Red Licence
Spa Baits
Robin Red® Licence No: RR0074040417UK

Angling Dynamics logoAngling Dynamics Robin License
Angling Dynamics - www.anglingdynamics.co.uk/
Robin Red® Licence No: 

AA Baits - http://www.aabaits.co.uk/
Robin Red® Licence No: RR6821923115UK

Bates Bait LogoBates Baits Robin Red License
Bates Baits - www.batesbaits.co.uk
Robin Red® Licence No: RR0001150816UK

Baitworks - www.baitworks.co.uk

Robin Red® Licence No: RR3361123115UK

Baitwize Logo Baitwize Robin Red Logo
Baitwize - https://www.baitwize.co.uk/
Robin Red® Licence No: RR0069270317UK

Bandit Baits - http://www.banditbaits.co.uk/

Big Carp
Big Carp Ltd - www.bigcarp.com

Burton Bait Rollers - http://www.burtonbaitrollers.com/

BAF Logo BAF Robin Red License
British Aqua Feeds -
Robin Red® Licence No: RR1937511216UK

Carp Company - www.carpcompany.com
Robin Red® Licence No: RR5104615413UK

Carp on Baits LogoCarp on Baits Robin red License
Carp On Baits - https://www.carponbaits.co.uk/
Robin Red® Licence No: RR0050210217UK

Cult Baits Cult Baits Robin Red LicenceCult Baits Robin Gold Licence
Cult Baits - www.cultbaits.co.uk
Robin Red® Licence No: RR2568928714UK - Robin Gold™ Licence No: RG5911219914UK

CW Baits - www.carpfishingpellets.co.uk/
Robin Red® Licence No: RR2526380415UK

Coventry Bait Rolling services
Coventry Bait Rolling Service - http://coventrybaitrollingservice.co.uk/

Donald Cooke LogoDonald Cooke Robin Red LicenceRobin GoldRobin Orange LicenceRobin Green Licence
Donald Cook -
Robin Red® Licence No: RR2911823115UK - Robin Gold® Licence No:
Robin Orange® Licence No: RO0066240317UK - Robin Green® Licence No: RGR067240317UK


Dave Mallin Products LTD -

DT Baits Robin Red Licence
D T Baits - www.dtbaits.co.uk
Robin Red® Licence No: RR0052220217UK

DNA Baits DNA Baits Robin Red Licence

DNA Baits - www.dnabaits.com
Robin Red® Licence No: RR2708370613UK

Eurobaits - 

Elite Baits - www.elitebaitsdirect.co.uk

Essential Baits - www.essentialbaits.co.uk

Future Baits LTD www.futurebaits.com/-
Robin Red® Licence No: RR3011626116UK

Galaxy Baits LTD - galaxybaits.com/styled/styled-4/styled-10/index.html

Grenville Lake - http://www.grenvillelake.com/

Innovate Baits Ltd - www.innovatebaits.co.uk
Robin Red® Licence No: RR5439821113UK

Key Baitsolutions - https://www.facebook.com/keybaitsolutions/

Mad BaitsMad Bait's Robin Red Logo
Mad Baits - www.madbaits.com
Robin Red® Licence No: RR5513216115UK

Magnum Baits - 

Mainline Baits - www.mainline-baits.com

Mistral Baits Ltd - www.mistralbaits.co.uk
Robin Red® Licence No: RR4453826314UK


Nutrabaits Logo Nutrabaits Robin Red Licence
Nutrabaits - www.nutrabaits.net 
Robin Red® Licence No: RR6719801212UK


Premier BaitsPremier Baits Robin Red Logo
Premier Baits Retail - www.premierbaits.net
Robin Red® Licence No: RR2877823115UK

Proper Carp BaitsRobin red Licence
Proper Car Baits - www.propercarpbaits.co.uk/
Robin Red® Licence No: RR0073310317UK

Rollin Baits Logo
Rollin Baits - www.rollinbaits.net

Spottedfin Logo   Spottedfin CLO LogoRobin Red licenceRobin Green License
Spotted Fin Ltd - http://spottedfin.com/
Robin Red® Licence No: RR2530018416UK - Robin Green®  Licence No: RGR100018416UK

Signature Creative Solutions Ltd - Bank BUG -

Robin Red® Licence No: RR7641725115UK

Sticky Baits - www.stickybaits.com

Tails Up Baits Limited - www.tailsup.co.uk

The Tackle Box -

Ten 66 Baits - 

Upstream Baits Robin Red Licence
Upstream Baits - https://www.instagram.com/upstreambaitsofficial/
Robin Red® Licence No: RR0064150317UK

Velocity Baits - 

Robin Red® Licence No: RR9268312516UK

Boss Baits BossBaits Robin Red Logo
Boss Baits
Robin Red® Licence No: RR0051210217UK



Gorilla Baits Logo Angelzentrale Herrieden Robin Red Licence
Angelzentrale Herrieden/Gorilla Baits - www.angelzentrale-herrieden.de - www.gorillabaits.de/
Robin Red® Licence No: RR3557621113DE

Baitlounge logo Bait Lounge robin red logo
Baitlounge - www.baitlounge.com
Robin Red® Licence No: RR0041010217DE

Bait Service Straubing logo Bait Services Straubing Robin Red Licence
Bait Service Straubing -
Robin Red® Licence No: RR6062923115DE

Common Baits Logo Common Baits Robin Red Licence Common Baits Robin Gold Licence
Common baits robin orageCommon Baits Robin Green Licence
Common Baits - www.common-baits.com
Robin Red® Licence No: RR3871005213DE - Robin Gold™ Licence No: RG5910105213DE

Robin Orange™ Licence No: RO2118905213DE - Robin Green™ Licence No: RGR272505213DE

Dragon Baits - www.dragonbaits.de
Robin Red® Licence No: RR3445926314DE

Robin Red® Licence No: RR0032270117DE - Robin Gold™ Licence No: RG0033270117DE

Robin Orange™ Licence No: RO0034270117DE - Robin Green™ Licence No: RGR035270117DE

FA Progressive Baiting

Imperial baitsImperial fishing robin  red logo
Imperial Fishing GMBH - www.imperial-fishing.com
Robin Red® Licence No: RR0023130117DE

King Baits LogoKing baits robin Red Licence
King Baits - www.king-baits.de

Masterbih Robin Red License
Masterbih - masterbih.com
Robin Red® Licence No: RR0056060317DE

MY BAITS LOGORobin Red LicenseRobin Green License
My-Baits - my-baits.com/
Robin Red® Licence No: RR0016090117DE - Robin Green™ Licence No: RRGR17090117DE

Nature Baits - www.naturebaits.de

Successful Baits -

TT Baits Logo
T.T. Baits - www.ttbaits.de



Biospirit KFT. -

Energofish KFT -

EBK Drinsk Kft Balaton Baits logoEBK DRINKS KFT – Balaton Baits Robin red Licence
EBK-Drinsk Kft.-  Balaton Baits -
Robin Red® Licence No: RR4332025115HU

FISCH KFT - CarpZoom - www.fisch.hu

Hal.HU Horgaszbolt - http://hal.hu/
Robin Red® Licence No: R0055020317HU

SBS Baits Robin Red LicenseRobin Gold licenseRobin OrangeRobin Green License
SBS Baits in Europe KFT - www.sbsbaits.com
Robin Red® Licence No: RR2481815113HU - Robin Gold™ Licence No: RG2899015113HU
Robin Orange™ Licence No: RO2356015113HU - Robin Green™ Licence No: RGR263015113HU

S-Carp Product
S-Carp Product (Tamás Sági) - www.s-carp.com


Big Fish LogoBig Fish Robin red Licence
Big Fish S R L -
Robin Red® Licence No: RR8734223115IT

Carp Center -

Carp Lab Logo Carp Lab Robin red License
Carp Lab - www.carp-lab.com/
Robin Red® Licence No: RR5010521215IT

Hobby Pesca - www.hobbypescaeacquari.com
Robin Red® Licence No: RR2834015113IT

Feed Up Fish Food Products - www.feedup.it
Robin Red® Licence No: RR2322515113IT

Molino Mangimificio Zombini - www.molinozombini.it


Pagliarini Logo Pagliarini SRLRobin Gold
Pagliarini SRL -  www.pagliarinicarpfishing.it
Robin Red® Licence No: RR3294401213IT - Robin Gold™ Licence No: RG3601501213IT
Robin Orange™ Licence No: RO2259701213IT - Robin Green™ Licence

True Eat Logo True Eat Robin Red Licence

True Eat - www.trueeat.it/
Robin Red® Licence No:RR2300816114IT

Diamondbaits Robin Red Licence
Diamondbaits SNC - www.diamondbaits.it/
Robin Red® Licence No:RR0022110117IT



Haka TakleHaka Robin Red Licence
Haka Tackle - (Can distribute Robin Red within Netherlands) - www.haka-tackle.nl  

Robin Red® Licence No: RR2130413213NL

BAS Factory LogoBAS Factory Robin Red Licence

BAS FACTORY - www.basboilieshop.nl
Robin Red® Licence No: RR1270523115NL

Evezet Fishing - www.evezet.nl

Fishing Adventure BV -

KCB International - www.kcbinternational.com
Robin Red® Licence No: RR2258917715NL

MTC Baits Logo
MTC Baits - www.mtcbaits.nl/-w0cm-/nl/winkel/ingredienten/haiths/
Robin Red® Licence No: RR1352623115NL


Pro line carp productsPro line Robin Red License
Pro Line Carp Products BV - www.proline-products.nl
Robin Red® Licence No: RR2235611313NL

Poseidon Baits - http://poseidonbaits.nl/boilies/garlic-robin-red/


RGB Baits Logo RGB Robin Red LicenceRobin Gold LicenceRobin Orange LicenceRobin Green Licence
RGB Baits - www.rgbbaits.nl
Robin Red® Licence No: RR0028200117NL - Robin Gold® Licence No:RG0029200117NL - Robin Orange® Licence No: RO0030200117NL - Robin Green® Licence No: RGRRR031200117NL

TTB Baits - www.ttbbaits.com

Dutch Bait Company Robin red LicenseRobin Gold LicenseRobin Green License
Dutch Bait Company - www.dutchbaitcompany.nl

Robin Red® Licence No: RR2635922414NL - Robin Gold®  Licence No: RG0011300916NL
Robin Green®  Licence No: RGR010300916NL


Massive carp  Robin Red LicenceRobin Gold LicenseRobin Orange LicenseRobin Green License
Massive Carp - www.massivecarp.pl
Robin Red® Licence No: RR3698118313PL - Robin Gold™ Licence No: RG2540918313PL
Robin Orange™ Licence No: RO3489218313PL - Robin Green™ Licence No: RGR289818313PL

MatchPro Logo MatchPro Robin Red LicenceMatchpro Robin Gold LicenceMatchPro Robin Orange licenceRobin Green Licence
MatchPro - www://matchpro.pl/
Robin Red® Licence No: RR0037270117PL - Robin Gold™ Licence No: RG0038270117PL
Robin Orange™ Licence No: RO0039270117PL - Robin Green™ Licence No: RGR040270117PL

ULTIMATE PRODUCTS LOGO Robin Red LicenceRobin Orange LicenceRobin Green License
Ultimate Products SP Z.O.O - http://ultimateproducts.pl/
Robin Red® Licence No: RR0003300816PL - Robin Orange™ Licence No: RO0045070217OPL
Robin Green™ Licence No: RGR046070217PL


BD Baits LogoBD Bait Shop
BD Bait Shop - www.bdbaits.ro
Robin Red® Licence No:

CPK CARP & MORE SRL - www.cpk.ro.
Robin Red® Licence No: RR3511524713RO

Dudi Baits Logo
Dudi Baits - www.dudi-bait.ro

Energy Carp Baits Logo
Energy Carp Baits  - http://www.energy-carp-baits.ro/ro/

Baitshop romania High Preformance Baits SRL Robin Red LogoHIGH PERFORMANCE BAITS SRL Robin Gold License
High Preformance Baits SRL - www.baitshop.ro
Robin Red® Licence No: RR0013111116RO - Robin Gold® Licence No: RR0015030117RO

MG Carp Logo MG Carp Robin Red Licence
SC.M&G Special Carp SRL - www.mgcarp.ro
Robin Red® Licence No: RR3622626314RO

 Oscar BaitsRobin Red LogoRobin Gold LogoRobin OrangeRobin Green Logo
Sc Creativ Dm Systems Srl 'OSCARBAITS'
Robin Red® Licence No: RR0024200117RO - Robin Gold™ Licence No: RR0025200117RO
Robin Orange™ Licence No:
RR0026200117RO - Robin Green™ Licence No: RR0027200117RO

SC RODODENDRON COM SRL 'SipCarp' - https://www.sipcarp.ro/
Robin Red® Licence No: RR0054020317RO


SC Carpbait Prouction SRL
Robin Red® Licence No: RR0058070317RO

SC TNT Baits SRL Robin Red licence
SC TNT Baits SRL 'TNT Baits' Prouction SRL
Robin Red® Licence No: RR0057070317RO


SC Elenel SRL -

WLC Carp logoS C Wildlife Concept SRL
S C Wildlife Concept SRL - http://www.wlc-carp.com/
Robin Red® Licence No: RR0056020317RO

SC GYO Sel SRL Logo SC GYO Sel SRL Robin red LicenseSC GYO Sel SRL
SC GYO Sel SRL - www.4carp.ro/produs/boiliesuri/belachan-solubile/
Robin Red® Licence No: RR5153723115RO - Robin Gold® Licence No: RG0053270217RO


S C Wildlife Concept SRL -

Slavakia Flag  Slovakia

Due Bonuss S.R.O -


White Fish logo
White Fish - www.whitefish.eu

Slovenia Flag  Slovenia

Benzi D.O.O. -

Big Fish (SLO)-


Ukraine  Ukraine


Crazy Carp Crazy Carp Robin Red License
CrazyCarp - www.crazycarp.com.ua
Robin Red® Licence No: RR0014011216UA

Katran LogoKatran Robin red LogoKatran Robin Orange Logo
Katran fishing -  Katran.org
Robin Red® Licence No:
RR0042010217UA - Robin Orange® Licence No: RO0043010217UA

Download the Haith's App:

The above list is intended to help you identify the “Approved Bait Companies” that use Haith’s®  Bait products. The companies listed above regularly purchase bird food baits direct from Haith’s. Please phone +44 (0) 1472 357 515 if you feel you have purchased a product sold as a Robin Red product which you believe does not contain Robin Red. We will be happy to investigate on your behalf.  

Bait companies choose to use Haith’s bird foods in their carp fishing baits because they have made a commitment to producing high quality baits. These bait companies go on to add their own expert and individual value and, of course, sales and marketing.

This unprecedented step to list Approved Bait Companies has been taken because we have a duty to help anglers identify baits containing genuine, authentic and successful Robin Red® and other trademarked bird food baits manufactured by Haith’s. Our Approved Bait Firms have all been issued with the Robin Red logo and unique (each has a unique reference number) licence number; this is ours (Haith's Baits): 

RR LogoRobin Orange LogoRobin GreenRobin Gold Logo

Unfortunately there are some companies selling products purporting to be ‘Haith’s ROBIN RED®’ but which have NOT been produced by Haith’s®. In such cases anglers are being misled as to the origin or quality of this product, and plagiarists are benefitting from the goodwill created by our brand. We want to help meet the expectations of consumers as to the quality and other characteristics of one of Carp fishing’s most successful baits.

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Disclaimer*: Although we can to the best of our knowledge confirm that the above companies use our ingredients, the licence to use our logo is based predominantly on trust as it would be commercially unfair for Haith's to demand access to bait firms' recipe books. However, over the years, a number of bait firms have involved Haith's in recipe development and we have at first-hand witnessed the inclusion rate of some of our ingredients. Anglers should note that this facility is NOT to be seen as confirmation that a bait firm is using Haith's ingredients correctly or indeed safely, as intended. Bait Firms have a responsibilty to comply with local law and Haith's accepts no responsibility for misuse of ingredients or non-compliance with local EU or International Law.