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Fishing bait ingredients

Fishing Bait Ingredients

Natural attraction since the 1950s.

Our famous carp attractor is ROBIN RED®. Its unique properties have tempted literally thousands of carp over the years and it features in many of the best carp fishing baits in Europe.

Our range of high-quality carp bait ingredients of bird food baits and additives have improved anglers’ carp fishing results since the 1950s. They are highly digestible, good value for money and attractive to carp.

Save money, make your own bait.

Welcome to an Aladdin’s cave of carp baits, used by experts since the 1960s.

During the 1960s, when modern boiled baits (boilies) were being developed in the UK, the first specialised carp fishing bait base mixes were formed using Haith’s bird food ingredients intended for feeding to Cage and Aviary Birds. These ultimately came to be known as “bird food baits” and - though time has passed -they remain one of the most popular carp fishing baits in current use across the EU.

Bird food carp baits have the twin advantages of being comparatively cheap and yet highly digestible.

Our famous carp attractor is ROBIN RED, however, there’s so much more to Haith’s baits than just ROBIN RED: our tried and tested range of carp baits includes legendry products such as Nectarblend, Ready Mix, PTX and Red Band Pigeon Conditioner, all waiting to add unique flavour and nutritional value to your fishing base mixes. All our carp bait ingredients are made fresh, daily on the premises.