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Hygiene Essentials

An essential element of feeding wild birds is keeping the feeding station hygienically clean and cleaning bird feeders. This is particularly important for seed feeders where large numbers of different bird species are likely to be attracted.

There's no need to worry, though, as a few sensible precautions (like regularly cleaning feeders with a safe disinfectant) can keep birds safe and healthy.

Cleaning BrushNew for 2017
from £2.95
Cleaning Brush
Multi-purpose Seed ScoopNew for 2017
Multi-purpose Seed Scoop
Camouflage bird food storage tubNew for 2017
Camouflage bird food storage tub
Safe4 Mint Disinfectant RangeNew for 2017
Safe4 Mint Disinfectant Range
Safe4 Apple Disinfectant RangeNew for 2017
Safe4 Apple Disinfectant Range
Safe4 Lavender Disinfectant RangeNew for 2017
Safe4 Lavender Disinfectant Range
Safe4 Hand Foam SanitiserNew for 2017
from £3.00 was £6.00
Safe4 Hand Foam Sanitiser
Safe4 Odour Killer Disinfectant Trigger SprayNew for 2017
Safe4 Odour Killer Disinfectant Trigger Spray
Ark-Klens (Germicide and Cleanser)New for 2017
Ark-Klens (Germicide and Cleanser)
Safe4 Disinfectant wipesNew for 2017
from £11.40
Safe4 Disinfectant wipes
Sprinkle SupportNew for 2017
from £5.38
Sprinkle Support
Metal Storage Buckets
from £5.99
Metal Storage Buckets
Safe4 Foam Hand SanitiserNew for 2017
Safe4 Foam Hand Sanitiser
Zolcal D liquid calcium supplementNew for 2017
Zolcal D liquid calcium supplement
Sonic Mouse DetectorNew for 2017
from £17.50
Sonic Mouse Detector
Safe4 Disinfectant RangeNew for 2017
Safe4 Disinfectant Range
Vanodine V18 DisinfectantExclusive UK Distributor
from £8.95
Vanodine V18 Disinfectant
Bird Food Storage Tub
from £9.99
Bird Food Storage Tub
Seed Scoop
from £9.95
Seed Scoop
Bird Table Scraper
from £4.99
Bird Table Scraper
from £5.50
Humane Mousetrap
from £3.90
Humane Mousetrap