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Help to Fly bird food and bird feeders

Help to Fly Special Offers

In 2015, we helped more bird families than ever before by launching our "Help to Fly!" nest box campaign, and we're pleased to announce that hundreds of customers accepted our offer to pay half towards the cost of a nest box. This season, we've selected a new "Help to Fly!" range and we've contributed to their cost by pre-discounting them as, after all, we’re all in this together, aren't we? Let's together help more birds fly for less...

Deluxe Suet Nugget Feeder - with Free Suet NuggetsHelp to Fly
Deluxe Suet Nugget Feeder - with Free Suet Nuggets
Mealworm Bird CakeHelp to Fly
from £3.25
Mealworm Bird Cake
Help to Fly! - Autumn/Winter MixHelp to Fly
from £9.20 was £10.60
Help to Fly! - Autumn/Winter Mix
Suet Variety Pack (9 suet feasts)Help to Fly
Suet Variety Pack (9 suet feasts)
High Energy Suet CakesHelp to Fly
from £12.95
High Energy Suet Cakes
Help-to-Fly Bird StationHelp to Fly
from £17.95 was £24.95
Help-to-Fly Bird Station
Berry Suet Pellet Extra!Help to Fly
from £2.99
Berry Suet Pellet Extra!
Complete Dining StationHelp to Fly
from £29.99 was £34.99
Complete Dining Station
Original High-Energy Suet Pellets ExtraHelp to Fly
Original High-Energy Suet Pellets Extra
Coco Fat FeederHelp to Fly
from £2.30
Coco Fat Feeder
High Energy Suet NuggetsHelp to Fly
from £5.95
High Energy Suet Nuggets
Birds dine for under £10
from £9.45 was £12.35
Birds dine for under £10
Squirrel Buster Bird Seed FeederHelp to Fly
Squirrel Buster Bird Seed Feeder
The Acorn Seed FeederHelp to Fly
from £59.95 was £66.75
The Acorn Seed Feeder
The Acorn Peanut FeederHelp to Fly
from £68.75
The Acorn Peanut Feeder
Caged Live Food FeederHelp to Fly
from £16.95
Caged Live Food Feeder
Energy Feast Holder with 4 Small Fat BallsHelp to Fly
Energy Feast Holder with 4 Small Fat Balls

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