Twelve Days of Christmas

It’s a Christmas tradition at Haith’s

We launched our first calendar in 2002 and we were delighted that our customers entered into the spirit of it. Each year since, in the closing days of November, the phone rings and someone always asks: “Are you launching a 12 Days of Christmas Calendar this year?” 

"Of course," we reply, "it wouldn't be Christmas without a Haith's Christmas calendar."   


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We hope you enjoy our 12 Days of Christmas specials:
Feed the birds for 2p
Free bird cake mix
Save 10% on High-Energy
Free monkey nuts in shells
Free fat robin bird food
Cast Iron Feeder
Sparrow Tower
Large insect Hotel
Antique Nest Box
Oval Bird Bath
Feed the birds Tuppence a bag

Please note: offers are only available while promotional stocks last.

Merry Christmas and thank you for choosing Haith’s this Christmas.
Best wishes from the 12 Days of Christmas team and all at Haith’s