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A record breaking bird food

Wednesday, 26th February 2020

Our new One for All™ bird food is breaking all records in my garden: it’s attracting more species than any bird seed recipe I’ve ever tested.
It’s encouraging birds to spend more time on the feeder – which means they’re in sight for longer giving me more time to observe and enjoy watching their antics; it’s leaving less mess than any other husk-free mix I’ve tested, and it’s managed to remain free-flowing in the seed feeder when the rain spells have seemed endless.

Even this morning - on the gloomiest of wet days, my wife spotted a Great Spotted Woodpecker feeding. It's not the clearest of photos, but it's always a treat to see a woodpecker.

I created One for All™ to offer enough variety to appeal to all seed-eating garden birds throughout the seasons. It’s been my bird food of choice for winter and the birds have given it their approval too – which is really what matters.

I’d like to encourage you to put One for All™ to the test in your garden this winter
One for all
Birds that eat one for all
Best wishes
Simon King FLS
Associate Director – Haith’s

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"Mr" by
28 Feb 2020

I use your fat balls, dried mealworms and peanuts. They seem to attract larger birds, jackdaws, pigeons and magpies but few of the smaller birds I would love to see. Any suggestions?

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