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A special visitor

Friday, 17th April 2020

Simon King shares a video of a very special guest who arrived for their breakfast.

One for All

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"Great Spotted Woodpecker" by
17 Apr 2020

Hi Simon. Thanks for your lovely film. They are such exotic looking birds. I’m lucky to have one visit the feeders regularly. One year I was privileged to have an adult feeding its offspring in the garden. Really charming.

Haith's customer services:

Hello Eileen,
Thank you very much for your wonderful comment on the blog piece, it is fantastic to hear about the activity occurring in your garden.
All the best,

"Mrs" by
17 Apr 2020

Love the video footage. We are so fortunate as we have 2 Greater Spotted come to our feeders every day - several times. Last year they had babies - so we hope for the same this year.
Apart from "usual " birds - we have goldfinches and Long Tailed tits.
Thanks for sharing. Stay safe.

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