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Armchair Naturalist - Keep up the good work

Tuesday, 14th April 2020

Thank you for the uplifting words from you about the birds and gardens with flowers!
Unfortunately, I live on my own and find all my energy goes into preparing and eating food, apart from taking a few steps outside to fill the bird feeders.

Fortunately, when I order the large (for me) sacks of seed from you the carrier takes it close to my food storage space in the utility room, as I am not strong enough these days to carry it.

Again it is great that a cleaner comes for a couple of hours each week to do the cleaning of the bungalow, and a gardener gives me an hour every week to tend the garden, giving me plenty of time to sit in my comfortable rise and recline chair, watching a multitude of birds coming to feed!
Birds feeding

The lock-down makes little difference to me, although my son, who lives seven miles away, used to take me shopping every Wednesday and we stayed out for a meal at a local hostelry, whereas he goes shopping for me now.

The cleaner, after her work, says she finds my stories rather fascinating, especially my time in the RAF during WW2 when I was a Wireless Operator air Gunner in Coastal Command.

It is good never to be bored, as at the age of 97 I am extremely slow at everything.

Keep up the good work of telling people of the birds and bees in the garden which I can only admire through glass doors.

Best wishes, keep safe and stick it out at home.

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