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Bill's Big Price Drop

Friday, 15th August 2014

When we launched Bill Oddie’s bird food - back in 2004 - our aim was to create a range of high-quality bird foods and sell them at everyday prices - at prices people can afford. We wanted the world to enjoy feeding the birds and we wanted the birds to benefit from healthy bird diets.
Affordability has remained a key word for every new product we’ve developed over the past ten years; there’s little point creating great recipes if they’re unaffordable. We’re pleased to say that we feel we’ve encouraged more people to feed the birds than any other brand but, we want MORE people to feed clean, fresh bird food as dusty bird seed mixes are dangerous to birds; dust, debris and extraneous husk can damage a bird’s respiratory system.

To encourage more people to ditch dusty bird food and switch to Bill’s SuperClean bird food we’re announcing Bill’s Big Price Drop!

Bill wants more people to feed birds, we want more people to feed birds high-quality bird food; however, the cost of high-quality bird food can sometimes exclude it from the shopping list. We want to change that, today!

We’re rolling back the retail prices of Bill’s entire bird food recipes range and still offering FREE UK MAINLAND DELIVERY on orders over £35.

These aren’t small insignificant savings – these are #BigPriceDrop prices; saving up to 45% on our previously published* prices.
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