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Bird Baths

Tuesday, 9th February 2016

Fresh water is always in demand, whatever the weather. Read here why Bird Baths are so important.
As winter becomes spring our minds may turn to one of the most important and yet neglected items in the bird garden; the bird bath. In my experience, it spends most of the winter looking dehydrated except for when it rains, and the green algae-type layer that resides at the bottom of the bird bath can only be removed with industrial cleaning solutions.

And yet, the simplest and cheapest and kindest thing we can do for birds all year round is to keep the bird baths topped up with fresh water. Do you agree?

Here's a selection of our bird baths if your's is looking beyond repair.

woodland hanging bird bathspacerVerdigris Hanging Bird Bath

Antique Bird BathsSpacerWoodland Bird Bath

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