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Bird feeders for small birds

Tuesday, 25th July 2017

If you're having problems with larger birds in your garden, please read on.
Our range of bird feeders for small birds entices petite diners such as tits, wrens, sparrows and finches who prefer to cling as they feed. Bird feeders for smaller birds prevent larger species from bullying smaller birds off feeders.

Our X1 Mini Feeder not only looks good but is very functional too. This new junior member of the famous X1 Robin Feeder makes a jewel-like focal point for any bird feeding station. It’s smaller than the original X1 yet has similar features to its big brother; its adjustable dome protects food from rain and snow, and its tough, long-lasting polycarbonate won’t crack or yellow in the sunlight. It’s perfect for soft food, mealworms and suet treats and comes with a lifetime guarantee.

X1 Mini Feeder for small birds
One of our newest feeders is the My Favourites Feeder - This unique seed feeder is made from durable plastic that won't crack or discolour from sunlight. In addition, it's easy to clean, refill and dismantle. Specially designed to attract small birds that prefer to cling as they feed. This feeder is great for our  Original Wild Bird Food, Sunflower Hearts, Huskfree Advance and live/dried mealworms.

My favourites feeder
Our protective ground feeding haven is ideal if your smaller garden birds struggle to get fed because of larger birds. The mesh of the cage can be adjusted to prevent medium sized birds, such as Starlings, entering the cage. The height of the cage is sufficient to hang a bird seed feeder or peanut feeder up to 50cm tall. Great for hanging small bird feeders,  suet feasts and fat balls from the centre of the cage.

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