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Bird feeders for windows

Tuesday, 18th July 2017

Window bird feeders are an amazing place to observe wild bird behaviour.
It is the ideal location to view your garden birds up close as well as take photographs and study birds when they are eating.
We have four different types of window feeder for you to choose from:-
Our Observer Window Feeder gives you the best seat in the house and attaches to a window pane with strong suction cups, also comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Observer Bird Feeder for Windows
Attract birds all year round with this lovely British designed window feeder for birds from the National Trust. Suitable for seed mixes, soft foods, and live foods it’s ideal for city gardens.

National Trust Bird Feeder for Windows
‘I Love Robins Window Feeder’ is one of our newest window feeders for birds that we have added to our range. Made from tough polycarbonate that’s easy to clean, you can lower the canopy to keep out larger birds like pigeons and starlings.

I love Robins bird feeder
Our second newest window feeder for birds is the Total Window Feeder.  This unique feeder also allows you to feed suet, seeds, and peanuts at the same time. It has a large oval opening for the clearest view and has a three sided open access making it easier and safer for birds.

Total Window Feeder
One of the many questions we receive at Haith’s is how to encourage birds to use a window feeder.  We suggest siting a bird table close to your house but screw your window feeder to a separate pole in the ground near to the table.  This should encourage birds to feed on them both.
Each week move the pole and window feeder a little closer to the house and within a few weeks you should be able to remove the feeder from the pole and attach it to your window, and the birds will continue to feed on it.
Window feeders for birds are ideal for just about any home but they’re perfect for urban homes and flats where garden space maybe minimal or none existent. In these case, the birds will soon find the feeder – just be patient.

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