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Bird food for doves

Tuesday, 12th November 2019

Pigeons and doves all belong to the same family of birds, the Columbidae family. They share many particular features, such as rotund bodies, short scaly legs, and tapered wings. All pigeons and doves that belong to this family share the same 'cooing' call.
Fan tail dove

Rock Doves are the ancestors of all fancy pigeons that have escaped from their captivity and now live in cities and towns. The Dove has been a symbol of love and peace for many years and is often released at weddings.

Dovecote and A1 Fancy Pigeon Mix are suitable for Fantail Doves and ornamental pigeons as it contains wheat, dari, barley and maize, which you'll find your local doves and pigeons are very fond of consuming.

Dovecote and A1 Fancy Pigeon Mix

Dried mealworms provide protein and energy and are wriggle free. We recommend using dried mealworms judiciously during the breeding season and ideally moistening before use by soaking them in warm water to rehydrate them for youngsters. They can also be fed straight from the bag as they deliver extra protein all-year-round.

Dried Mealworms

Red Band Conditioner is famous amongst pigeon fanciers - it's one of our classic mixes, with the high carbohydrate content it provides organs and muscles with the energy needed for FAST flying and is used for racing pigeons too.

Red band

Grits are essential in all seed-eating birds' digestive systems, and Fine Oystershell Grit is especially suitable to help birds digest their foods while also supplying some of the minerals and trace elements essential for good health. It is insoluble and acts as a grinding agent in the gizzard to enable complete digestion of all food.

fine oystershell grit

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