Feed More Birds For Less

How Haith's "Feed More Birds for Less" works:

Purchase a weight above 2kg and the price per kg drops significantly - it really is as simple as that. The table below illustrates how the price per KG drops as the weight increases: 40KG can be 47% cheaper per KG than the 2KG size (see individual products for more information).
Feed more birds for less

It’s also across our entire garden bird seed range including peanuts and sunflower hearts. You’ll ALWAYS find our base 2kg priced  competitively  because  value  for money is one of the cornerstones of Haith’s success – the others being quality, cleanliness and service.

All wild bird seed mixes aren't created equally; cheap bird diets are cheap for a good reason (if they're not clean) and should be avoided. There's an alarming quantity of birdseed on the market that's potentially dangerous for wild birds to eat because they haven't been cleaned correctly. In fact, many wildlife foods don't get cleaned at all - meaning the dust, debris and extraneous husk presents a significant enough threat to endanger birds' health. This video shows what a high-quality wild bird seed manufacturer looks like:
Saving money is simple:

Select the right seeds and foods for you and your garden birds and then compare the price per kg to see how much you could save by buying in bulk. Bird feeding doesn't have to be an expensive hobby. You don't have to wait for special offers or end of season sales as Feed More Birds for Less runs 365 days a year.

The message is simple: the bigger the bag, the lower the price per kg, which means you can Feed More Birds for Less™ all year round and NOT just when there’s a special offer advertised.

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You and your garden birds are safe with Haith's

Bird safety is important to us - which is why we invest in avian nutrition/science, quality control (QC) and our SuperClean seed processing plant in Lincolnshire. Our goal is to help you save money but never at the risk of supplying bird seed that's unfit for wild birds; for example, did you know that dust, waste husk and debris - found in many seed mixes - may be harmful to a bird's respiratory system? That's why we SuperClean all our foods - read here to find out more.

Did you know that we're an award-winning wildlife conservation company? We were recently awarded a BIAZA Bronze Award for our SuperClean Quality Control (QC) of Bird Diets Programme in the "Animal Breeding, Care and Welfare" category.

Also as over 50% of our raw materials are UK sourced you’re helping British farmers do more for nature conservation in-situ and potentially feeding, even more, birds for less.

We're different from many other wildlife food companies as we're a manufacturer and we oversee all the essential elements to create our very own high-quality bird diets. Unlike many other companies and even wildlife charities, we buy the seed, clean the seed, blend the seed, package and despatch the seed all from under one roof...

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