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Bird food for sparrows

Friday, 6th December 2019

'Little brown birds' are what many people still call sparrows. But they are so much more than that.
Sparrows have been established in the UK's hedges and trees for more than a century. They live in large groups and are well known for having a mighty appetite, but unfortunately, life is becoming increasingly severe for them.

Once one of Britain's most familiar birds their numbers have crashed, but the cause of this decline is unknown. Changes in agricultural practices and improved hygiene around grain stores may be partly to blame for the rural house sparrow decline; however, it's much more complicated than that.

Sparrows are happy in the company of humans and usually set up colonies close to urban communities, but they may flock to the countryside in late summer to feed on ripening grain fields.

They have deep conical bills adapted for seed-eating, which is excellent news as we have a full range of seeds which is perfect for attracting house and tree sparrows.

Black Sunflower

Haith's premium quality Black Sunflower seeds herald from Europe. They have a thinner husk than the traditional striped sunflowers. They are easy to break open and contain protein and high levels of natural oil.

We only select high-quality Black Sunflower bird seed, and we always super-clean our raw materials to remove any chaff, so it's in its peak condition when it gets despatched to feed Britain's brilliant birds.

Feeder Seed

If you would like to spoil your garden birds, then Haith's Feeder Seed will do the trick. It is full of high-energy, oil-rich seeds perfect for tube-type seed feeders.

An excellent all-round seed especially beneficial during Autumn/Winter.

Peanut Granules

These are a favourite for a lot of species of wild birds and can be mixed with other foods or can be fed on their own, to increase their nutritional value and boost energy levels, as they are high in fat, fibre and protein.

Peanuts granules are safe to feed on bird tables, bird feeders and the ground. Even during the breeding season, baby birds can safely consume the small granules without fear of choking.

All our Peanut Granules are tested to be safe from aflatoxins and are of the highest quality. Buy Haith's bird food today! 


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