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Huskfree Advance - Haith's No Mess Bird Seed

Spend less time cleaning up after the birds, and more time watching them by feeding Huskfree Advance - the original 100% edible, no waste wild bird food. Available in three different mixes: original; with suet pellets; with dried mealworms.

Huskfree Advance is a high-quality no mess wild bird food. It's nutritious, bursting with high-calorie Sunflower Hearts and it flows easily through bird seed feeders. It won't germinate beneath feeders.

Huskfree Advance™ - No MessZero Waste
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Huskfree Advance™ - No Mess
One for All™ Super-high-energy no mess mix
One for All™ Super-high-energy no mess mix
Huskfree Advance™ with Suet Pellets - No MessHigh in Cal and Oil
Huskfree Advance™ with Suet Pellets - No Mess
Huskfree Advance™ with Dried Mealworms - No MessTemporarily Out Of Stock
Huskfree Advance™ with Dried Mealworms - No Mess

It might surprise you to read that many so-called “husk free” mixes aren’t husk free at all. Thankfully, however, our finest quality husk free wild bird foods are different because they only contain 100% edible ingredients.

All the Huskfree Advance mixes contain Sunflower Hearts because they're nutritious and well-known to help attract lots of different bird species. Wild birds can easily take away a whole Sunflower Heart but - don't worry - as they'll almost immediately be back for more of them.

We developed the huskfree range in 1999 and were one of the very first bird food companies to engineer a successful way to create a bird's diet without husks. "What's the problem with husks?" you might ask. Nothing. They're mother nature's overcoat and protect the seed from harm as its growing; however, they can be a little messy in a busy bird garden, which is why we removed them.