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Bird houses

Monday, 9th March 2015

As we move closer to spring, and National Nest Box week has been and gone, is it too late to site a bird house?
No it’s not too late; January, February would have been ideal; however, it’s never too late (nor too early) to put up a bird house. Just put one (or more) up. Please!

Bird houses free up time for birds; imagine someone doing washing and ironing for you, wouldn’t that be a huge relief? Bird houses help birds focus on what’s important - raising their young and staying in great shape as, they’re going to be very, very busy during the breeding season.

I have a simple theory when it comes to bird houses: the more the merrier, and I know that Bill Oddie agrees with me on this one because I’ve seen his garden, and…well…let’s just say there are plenty of bird houses scattered around.

There’s a balance, though, as we don’t want to site bird houses close to bird feeders/bird tables. Birds as we know are territorial and we don’t want them to spend their time fighting off birds when they have young to feed, do we?

Bird houses are great for Britain’s birds. Try siting a bird house in your garden, and please let me know how you get on...

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