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Bird Identification & Bird Guides

Thursday, 12th August 2021

Identifying unfamiliar, distant or briefly encountered birds can be hard work.
There are many books on the market for taking with you if you’re bird watching, but the internet can be a great help too.

Haith’s bird identification and bird guide is a handy help for when you’re back home (or on the move via a mobile phone) or unsure what that bird is that you can see through the living room window.

For instance, the robin is one of the UK’s favourite birds and instantly recognizable to most people, but do you know the best food for them? That’s where Haith’s bird identification and bird guide can help.

All you have to do is visit and choose from the A-Z list. Each bird has a brief description, and we’ll also suggest the best bird feeds and seeds to try and entice them into your garden.

We have also tried to cover birds that are not usually found in domestic settings. Birds like the peacock and puffin. These beautiful birds, although easily identifiable may not be seen as regularly as garden birds but are still interesting enough to feature in any bird guide.

We are constantly adding new content to this list so if you spot a bird that isn’t on there, please let us know, we’ll do our research and make sure they’re added.

Use our interactive bird identification guide to quickly work out what bird you saw and although we can’t promise you’ll have a peacock or avocet visiting your garden, we can help you enjoy the company of our beautiful, feathered friends and help you to immediately recognize them.

Bird ID Guide

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