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Bird Life in December part 1

Thursday, 29th November 2018

With Christmas just weeks away we are beginning to feel festive here at the Haith’s Bird Food Centre in Lincolnshire and one of our favourite Christmas carols at this time of year is the Twelve Days of Christmas.
In fact, we love it that much a couple of years ago we made a video


But did you know in the natural world there are key dates to look out for with different species of birds?

For instance, around December 5th you may begin to hear Mistle Thrushes begin to sing abundantly. This is our largest Thrush and can be heard at this time of year from an exposed perch singing loudly before searching for fruit and berries.
Mistle Thrush

Roughly about the 9th December, you may also see Meadow Pipits flocking together. Pipits are similar to Larks but have more slender beaks and during the winter months, it can be seen in all different habitats.

Around the 16th December, the Tree Creeper will still be singing. This lovely bird can be seen in woods throughout Britain and surely lives up to its name by creeping up tree trunks and along branches.
Tree Creeper

The Corn Bunting can also be seen singing around the 21st December mostly on arable farmland across much of England. This is the largest of all the buntings and can often be seen perched on a post or wires.

Smaller than a Wood Pigeon the Stock Dove can be heard cooing around the 23rd December. This breeds in most parts of Britain expect in the far north. So look out for it in parkland and along woodland edges.

To be continued…….

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