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Bird tables

Monday, 9th March 2015

Bird tables are like a magnet to many birds, Why is this? Read on to find out...
Bird tables are like a magnet to many birds – they’re the equivalent of an advert shouting: “Feed here for free!” But with so many good bird feeders on the market, do bird tables still have a role to play?

Not having a bird table in your garden could reduce the species of wild bird you feed.


Watch your garden birds and you’ll soon realise that different species prefer to feed at different levels. Blue Tits and finches are gregarious in nature and soon barge their way on to a feeding port whereas Dunnocks, thrushes and Wrens are happier feeding from the ground and bird table; therefore, an ideal bird garden will have bird food available on three different levels: bird feeders; bird tables; ground feeding.

If your aim is to attract lots of different species of birds - make sure you provide food accordingly... some on the ground, some in feeders, and some on bird tables.

Bird tables broaden the appeal and advertise your garden as a hot spot for birds to gather and feed. This “appeal” can be broadened further by selecting different foods – foods one wouldn’t necessarily place inside a conventional bird feeder; softfoods – for example – are perfect for what we at Haith’s affectionately refer to as softbills: Robins, Wrens, Dunnocks, thrushes… These softfoods can be neatly piled on bird tables, where they may be found by a Blackbird who’ll reward you with her beautiful song. bird tables still have a role to play?

All together now: Yes they most certainly do. 

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