Since 1979 the RSPB has been asking garden bird enthusiasts to count birds in their gardens under the banner of The RSPB's Big Garden Bird Watch. That's thirty five years of bird counts. The information gathered helps wildlife charities, like the RSPB and BTO (British Trust for Ornithology) focus on helping the most threatened species of garden birds in the UK. It also helps conscientious wildlife companies, like Haith's, focus on refining their bird diets as the evidence is healthy diet, healthy bird.

However, one thing that's struck Haith's over the years is that the Big Garden Bird Watch results aren't used to help more people start feeding wild birds. The Big Garden Bird Watch results reveal garden bird popularity (the amount seen) by species, and by county. Now we of course know that many counties cover vast areas and can include cities, farmland and woodland; however, wouldn't it be nice to be able to type your county into a box and see a list of birds you may be able to entice into your garden? That would at least give you a good place to start. Well now you can... 

Type a county into the box below, and you'll be presented with the bird species recorded in the Big Garden Bird Watch sorted by popularity (the amount seen per garden as an average). Once you have an idea of the birds recorded in your county, click on the "Browse by bird" link below to select bird food by bird species. 

We thank the RSPB for allowing us to use bird data from the 2013 Big Garden Bird Watch and we thank fellow bird enthusiasts for taking the time and trouble to count them. Almost 590,000 people across the UK, including 75,000 pupils and teachers at schools, took part in the Birdwatch in January 2013.   

Haith's tip: focus on attracting the most common species first and the rest may come in time. 


Step 1: Add your county (or bird species to compare popularity by county) 

Step 2: Write down your bird list

Step 3: Browse by bird to choose the most suitable bird food