Here’s an apology: ordinarily, we would have launched latest catalogue; however, Covid-19 has affected our supply pipeline and our range remains in a state of flux. Given what’s happening in the world we hope you’ll forgive us for taking this challenge head on and simplifying the range and weights to continue to keep the seed flowing in and out of The Bird Food Centre here in Lincolnshire.

Please feel free to browse through our most recent catalogue to get a feel for the products we offer, and rest assured we’ll continue to provide high-quality bird food that’s super-clean and safe for Britain’s birds even if recipes have to be amended from time to time. If you’d like to see a paper copy of the catalogue to have some extra reading matter during isolation we’ll be happy to send one, but please know that products and prices remain in flux.

What isn’t in flux is our best wishes. Please stay safe and well and turn to nature to help you stay connected with us and the outside world.

Best wishes from all at Haith’s.

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