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Buying clean bird seed saves lives

Tuesday, 31st July 2018

Scientists confirm buying clean bird seed can save lives.
Scientific research confirms the need for greater quality control of bird diets in the UK and that dust, debris and extraneous husk commonly found in uncleaned bird seed mixes is harmful to a bird’s respiratory system and may even be the cause of bird deaths.

A recent piece of research conducted by Professor John E. Cooper, one of the world’s leading veterinary pathologists, has uncovered that extraneous husk found in dusty bird seed mixes can damage delicate tissues and allow entry of pathogens or other microorganisms that can ultimately cause bird deaths.

Photo of Black Sunflower before being cleaned White Spacer Photo of Black Sunflower after being cleaned

Haith’s have integrated Professor Cooper’s bird food testing regime into its SuperClean seed cleaning process as part of their ongoing commitment to quality, cleanliness and conservation.

“Food is a vital part of a bird’s biological needs and essential to its health and welfare,” reports Professor Cooper. “It is well-known that diets that are inadequate or unsatisfactory in quality may cause a bird to develop a deficiency or metabolic disease and compromise its welfare; however, this research confirms that greater quality control is not only desirable – it’s vital as unclean seed could be costing bird lives.”

Despite concerns about health and welfare, Haith’s research found that many proprietary bird diets in the United Kingdom are not subject to screening or health-monitoring analysis other than visual, naked eye, and manual checks for apparent quality and consistency. A large number of the bird diets tested contained high levels of dust and potentially harmful debris.

This news comes at a time when there is particular concern about the health of garden birds and wildlife with one in 10 UK wildlife species facing extinction (State of Nature report); therefore, the physical, chemical and microbiological quality and safety of bird diets are increasingly relevant.

“Feeding wild birds is a very popular pastime and there are health benefits for humans and wildlife but we must provide food of high quality and it must certainly be clean and free from extraneous husk, dust and debris.”

Haith’s have released an infographic to illustrate how their award-winning SuperClean seed cleaning process works, and they’re encouraging people who feed birds to share it and save more birds from dusty seed mixes:
Healthy Seeds Healthy Birds

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