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Buy birdseed by species A to Z

If you're unsure which birdseed mix is best for your cage or aviary birds, use our A to Z guide to finding out what we recommend based on more than 80 years of bird feeding expertise.


Our philosophy is simple: Healthy diet, Healthy bird. However, what exactly is a 'healthy diet?' At Haith's, a healthy diet is first and foremost about sourcing high-quality birdseed for Cage & Aviary Birds but it's essential each raw material and blend goes through strict quality control and that means putting it through our award-winning super-clean seed cleaning process. We do this because dusty seeds can damage a bird's respiratory system.

Over the years, we've worked closely with expert bird-keepers to refine our range and ensure we stay ahead of developments in aviculture diets. Our A to Z is a gentle reminder that we're wholly responsible for the welfare of our cage and aviary birds and the least they should expect fro us is to be fed a diet that's healthy and clean.

That's why you and your birds are safe with Haith's bird diets.