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Easisoak - germinating seeds for Canaries, Finches and British Birds

Wednesday, 3rd August 2016

The brand name for Haith’s soaking and germinating seed mix is EASISOAK. It’s a very special mix of seeds that soak and germinate easily, which makes it the perfect extra food for Canaries and British Birds at important times of the year. Without getting into the technical aspects of germinating seeds...
...once the seed is soaked it’s easier for the birds to take, and digest, especially when the hens are rearing youngsters. When the seed germinates and starts to sprout, the nutritional value is increased. It’s why Easisoak is so popular with top fanciers throughout the country.

Soaking Easisoak
easisoak before germinated

All Haith's seeds are extra clean but once seeds are soaked, the reaction of the seed in water is likely to generate fungal growth – especially during hot weather. It’s why it’s important to add a disinfectant, like Vanodine to the water at the time of soaking. Easisoak should be soaked in water for a few hours and most fanciers will soak over-night.

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Wash the seed through under cold running water for a couple of minutes, usually in a fine sieve and its ready to be fed to your birds. Some fanciers will add a small amount to the softfood, and others will feed it separately. It’s soft and readily taken by the birds – especially hens that are rearing youngsters, but it’s important to get the cocks and the hens feeding on Easisoak before the breeding season so they know what it’s all about when rearing chicks. We want them to feed as soon as it’s given to the birds and feed!

Many fanciers will offer a small quantity several times a day when breeding, and to those youngsters when they are taken away from the parents and are being “weaned”

Germinating Easisoak

Soak the seed in the usual way as described and if it’s kept damp, by constantly running water through it several times a day – never let Easisoak dry out completely, and it will soon germinate. These seeds are carefully selected so they germinate quickly and once the seeds start to sprout and grow, the nutritional value is soon increased. That makes the germinated seed a fantastic food for rearing hens and chicks that are being weaned.


There are many ways to germinate but they all involve keeping the seeds damp and warm. Some fanciers will use a series of plastic dishes that stack, with a drainage hole so the water from the top dish, runs through all the dishes and arrives at the bottom “tank” and is collected. If this is carried out a couple of times a day, in warm temperatures, the seed will germinate within a day. If the temperatures are lower, germination will take longer. If the birdroom is cold, it might be best to germinate the seed back in the house and take it to the birdroom as you need it.
seed in bottle  seed in bottles

The “stacking system” can be used in several ways and in many birdrooms several trays are used with the seed at various stages of sprouting. Many fanciers will use the commercially available soaking trays and some will use inverted plastic lemonade bottles, placed inside each other with a couple of very small holes drilled into the caps to allow the water to filter through to the bottom tank. Many of Haith’s customers germinate the seeds in these inverted lemonade bottles.

Remember to keep washing the seed under running water to keep it fresh and damp. In many birdrooms we see a supply for three days of Easisoak in preparation.

Easisoak in water

Day One - Being soaked in water
Easisoak kept damp

Day TwoEasisoak being kept damp

Day Three - Easisoak just showing signs of sprouting or “chitting”
Signs of growth

Day Four - showing lots of new growth - sprouted seed mixed with a little eggfood is popular with many fanciers.

easisoak in white potEasisoakfood in single white pot
• It’s ready to feed the birds
canary eating the foodEasisoakcanary

Don’t forget to start a new supply going every day to keep a constant supply of germinated seed for your birds, and keep washing under running water.

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"Storing Soak Seeds" by
23 Apr 2019

How can i store soaked seeds once germinated and how long can they be stored for


Haith's customer services:

Thank you for your comments on our blog piece. The best way is to keep a fresh steady supply going, rather than stockpiling it as it won't be as fresh. Start by making it in small quantities as it should be fed alongside the main diet as a supplement.
All the best,

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