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July's top ten cage bird diets

Monday, 1st July 2019

July has always been a significant month in the birding world and that no doubt heralds from what’s happening outside in the natural world...
July in the wildlife garden signposts change in bird activity as many species will either have finished breeding or fledged at least one brood - for example; Swallows would have started breeding back in May and by July their first brood of youngsters will have fledged and will now be stretching their wings and learning to live a life feeding on the wing. However, the parents may then go on to raise a second or even third brood – which illustrates how little time these wonderful young birds have to prepare for their onwards journey to Africa.

Top tips for July:

BravoBudgie’s look brilliant on BRAVO! Budgie Seed: BRAVO! It’s currently one of our top caged bird seed and it’s no secret why that’s the case – it’s superclean and super  wholesome with a very sensible price tag of £28.00 for 20kg (£1.40 p/kg) that appeals to bird-breeders and general bird-keepers.

Mineralised Tonic GritFeed Mineralised Tonic Grit – your guarantee against mineral deficiency: The bird diets  we feed to our bird collections in July reflects the fact that we need to supplement  every seedeater’s diet to guard against things like mineral deficiency. We can do this  relatively easily with the inclusion of Mineralised Tonic Grit – which also improves  digestion, increases fertility, aids egg production, reduces “dead in shell”, avoids egg binding and helps hatching. These benefits are well-known throughout the bird-keeping community and that’s why Mineralised Tonic Grit is currently our 7th most popular cage bird diet.

Kraker TonicCanaries crave “KRAKER” – the tonic seed mixture that acts fast: Kraker Tonic Seed is our unrivalled conditioner for all seedeaters; it’s a mixture of expensive seeds  selected for their ability to produce top condition in canaries, British birds and Hybrids and to produce it faster than any other conditioner of its kind and currently our 19th most popular cage bird diet.

EMPMaintain condition in Foreign birds with Foreign Finch Tonic: Foreign Finch Tonic helps  bird-keepers maintain condition in Foreign Birds – it’s a real tonic with natural vitamins and minerals and features 5th on our current top 20 cage bird diets.

EMPPlan ahead for next season – rear young today on high-quality softfoods: Choose Haith’s Super Softfoods, EMP and CeDe: High-Quality softfoods feature throughout our current top 20 cage bird diets and without doubt some of next season’s leading show winners will have been reared on one of Haith’s Super Softfoods.

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If you’d like to know more about the choices our bird-keeping community make when it comes to providing healthy bird diets you may find our top 20 list of what’s being fed this season – this year! Otherwise we encourage bird-keepers to make good use of the Haith’s Times blog

Top 20 cage bird diets:

De Luxe Canary Seed

Foreign Finch Mix

Chinese Millet Sprays

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