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Lower Prices Millet Seed

Millet Seed

Millet seed features prominently in many cage and aviary seedeater’s diets. They are always included in Haith's proprietary seed mixes, and provide the bulk of the fats and carbohydrates essential in any well-balanced diets.

Mixed MilletsNew lower Prices
from £1.90
Mixed Millets
Panicum MilletNew lower Prices
from £2.70
Panicum Millet
Red MilletNew lower Prices
from £2.80
Red Millet
White MilletNew lower Prices
from £2.80
White Millet
Yellow MilletNew lower Prices
from £2.50
Yellow Millet
Japanese MilletNew lower Prices
from £4.30
Japanese Millet

The secret lies in getting just the right seed mix to ensure that the balance of protein, vitamin and mineral contents are also correct. For this reason we provide several different types of seed which are accepted by the birds and which all vary in their nutritional elements. Haith's selects the very best plain millet seeds to ensure the consistent high quality that your birds deserve. For your convenience we produce Mixed Millets consisting of Yellow, White, Red, Japanese and Panicum Millets as favoured by many Budgerigar enthusiasts.