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Red Band Pigeon Conditioner from Haith's

Pigeon & Poultry Food

In every bag of RED BAND® Pigeon Conditioner there’s a source of enormous energy for Racing Pigeons and Homing Pigeons. “What do I feed Racing and Homing Pigeons?” is a question that only a specialist pigeon food company can truthfully answer. As the manufacturer of Red Band Pigeon Conditioner, and supplier of trusted bird food since 1937, we’re well positioned to give advice on pigeon conditioners for Racing and Homing Pigeons.

Red Band has stood the test of time and it’s arguably one of Pigeon Racing’s most famous pigeon conditioners. It all started when nutrition experts combined their knowledge with racing pigeon specialists. The result was this super pigeon conditioner. It contains a wide variety of ingredients selected for their invigorating and strength-giving powers and it’s fortified with vitamins and minerals.

Many bird-keepers agree that Red Band is unrivalled as a conditioner when racing demands extra energy. Pigeons take to it readily and it tames and steadies them rapidly so that they trap smartly. It’s recognised as the leader in the pigeon conditioning field.