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Calcium-rich bird foods built by science

Tuesday, 18th March 2014

Our calcium-rich bird foods can be fed direct to wild birds and look just like an "ordinary" bird food mix; however, their benefits to birds are greater, especially during the breeding season, because of their calcium (Ca) content.
Calcium is of vital importance in any bird diet and we're working hard to understand how we can make it more accessible to wild birds and more importantly at what levels.

If there is insufficient calcium in the diet, deficiencies in skeletal development, egg production and other important bodily functions can result. In contrast, a bird diet that is adequate in calcium is likely to lead to better skeletal development; larger broods; higher fledgling success; eggs with correct shell thickness and less likely to break; optimal body condition in adult birds.  
Calcium also helps provide roughage in the diet and its presence in food may play a part in "environmental enrichment".

Haith's bird diets rich in calcium are: CalciSeed, CalciSoft, Prosecto Insectivorous. 

Why birds need calcium:

- Better skeletal development
- Larger broods
- Higher fledgling success
- Eggs with correct shell thickness and less likely to break
- Optimal body condition in adults
- Calcium also helps provide roughage

Below: Radiograph showing the healing of a fractured bone of the wing of a bird. This would be impossible without adequate dietary calcium.

Radiography and copyright by Professor John E Cooper.

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