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We all love to feed the birds, and enjoy knowing that we are doing our bit for wildlife; however, if you're out at work during the week, accepting delivery of parcels can be a problem: coming home to a 'Sorry we missed you' card can be very frustrating. That's exactly why we've introduced CityFeed - to encourage nature lovers in built-up areas to try our new convenient CityFeed letterbox friendly packs.

Note: Adding non CityFeed products will attract normal delivery charges.

CityFeed: Dried MealwormsCityFeed
CityFeed: Dried Mealworms
CityFeed: Golden ChorusCityFeed
CityFeed: Golden Chorus
CityFeed: Prosecto InsectivorousCityFeed
CityFeed: Prosecto Insectivorous
CityFeed: Niger SeedCityFeed
from £5.40
CityFeed: Niger Seed
CityFeed: Premium Wild Bird FoodCityFeed
CityFeed: Premium Wild Bird Food
CityFeed: Mealworm CrumbleCityFeed
CityFeed: Mealworm Crumble
CityFeed: Fat Robin SoftfoodCityFeed
CityFeed: Fat Robin Softfood
CityFeed: Duck & Goose MixCityFeed
from £4.85
CityFeed: Duck & Goose Mix
CityFeed: Softbill FoodCityFeed
CityFeed: Softbill Food