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Coffee shop whips up window silhouette

Friday, 9th September 2016

Last month I wrote about reducing the risk of window strikes and it turned out to be a very emotive subject...
I received a number of emails from customers sharing how they try their best to avoid window strikes - using window silhouettes predominantly; however, it's difficult to evaluate their effectiveness as the general consensus is that houses with silhouettes on their windows still experience bird strikes.

Do they experience fewer strikes? Seemingly, yes. Is there robust scientific data to prove this, though? Not really. In lack of hard scientific data, it makes sense to - to my mind - proceed with the precautionary principle of applying a window silhouette to protect the birds from exposure to harm - in this case a pane of glass.

Birds aside, do more people walk into glass doors without stickers than those that have them at eye level? I would say so. And there's an entire industry dedicated to "glass manifestation" (putting stickers on shop doors/windows). I for one have previously walked into several doors/windows and not one of them had a window sticker - sorry, window manifestation. Pseudoscience? Perhaps. Painful? Yes very.

The window strike article started me thinking, though. The domestic setting is just one part of modernity for the 21st century garden bird, that's ventured into our towns and cities from rural settings. Modern commercial buildings use large areas of glass for maximum kerb appeal with little concern for bird strikes. Or so I thought until I saw this unique way a coffee shop had whipped up its logo into a silhouette to prevent window strikes of the human kind!
Window Silhouette

Ok, I accept that they're almost certainly there to prevent some cappuccino wielding walker from wondering into the glass as where there's blame...

That aside, though, and seriously for a moment, it can only be good for the birds.

I'll be encouraging more retailers to do the same on my travels. Please let me know if you see an innovative window silhouette on your travels. A photo would be welcome.

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