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Connected to Nature

Thursday, 20th May 2021

"Wellness" – a modern word with ancient roots. Look the word up in the dictionary, and the word means ‘the state of being in good health, especially as an actively pursued goal’.
Our place of sactuary

For hundreds, if not thousands, of years people have taken time out to relax. It’s just a case of finding out what works for you. In this fast-moving world, people can become overwhelmed and unable to cope. Often these feelings can come and go, but they could be long-lasting for others.

Just talking to my colleagues at Haith’s bird food centre reveals how what we all do to relax is varied; from talking to family members, listening to music, reading, watching TV, to walking in nature - we all have our ‘thing’. For example, our office team enjoy watching the comings and goings at our busy bird feeders

A pleasing environment can reverse any feelings of anxiety or helplessness, and this goes for workplaces too. We spend so much of our life at work that it makes good sense to create healthy working spaces; for example, a simple plant on top of the office cabinet can help to relieve stress but that's just scratching the surface. Some companies go out of their way to make a positive difference. We'd like to think we do, and you can read more about why that's important to us here . 

Even though our premises are in the middle of an industrial estate, we have worked hard in the last decade to create a wildlife haven and to encourage displaced birds and animals from other parts of the commercial zone to take refuge at Haith's.
Wild flowers

In 2008, we set out to hand over more of our commercial space to nature and that's what we have achieved. We have planted trees, shrubs and we're now in the process of digging out two wildlife ponds and investing in our feeding stations. We want nature to feel safe at Haith's. We don't ever want to be one of those companies who don't walk their talk! And that's why everything we do at Haith's, I'm proud to say that we aim to make a positive difference. So much so, that the wildlife is now well catered for and with all this wildlife visiting us daily we have now extended the healing power of nature to an outside wellness area for employees. It's a quiet corner of our yard that has been transformed into an oasis, a seating area to encourage colleagues to enjoy a break outside with the birds - right next to nature.
More Wild Flowers

It turns out we humans are genetically programmed to find trees, plants and water, and now we have handed over more of our commercial space to nature and Haith's greatest asset - its people. Not that we are looking for an escape hatch from talking to our amazing customers or processing and packing orders. It's an area where we can take time out to relax and have daily contact with nature; space to chat to our colleagues outside of the office and factory environment. This seems to me to be the definition of wellness at work.

Below are some photos of the area under development.
Clearing of th area has begun

Transformed a little bit more

The machinery moves in

Newly planted hedge

in goes the edging of the wellness area

Trees create a shaded area

area for the picnic benches

Our shaded area

the wellness area is begining to take shape

the area from a different angle

Staff Wellness Area

Our wellness area is open to team members to help provide a tiny haven for overactive minds and bodies to relax and refresh.
Staff members taking a break and spending time with nature

‘Self-care is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation' by Andre Lorde, one of our favourite quotes.

Time spent outdoors is never wasted, you just have to find your special place, your sanctuary.

Over the coming weeks and months, we will keep you updated on our fantastic new green space and wish you well in your journey of connecting with nature.

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"Mr" by
21 May 2021

Great work. so good to see a company who takes the well being
of its workers and the wildlife in the area. All your efforts can only bring benefits to the local environment.

"Mrs" by
21 May 2021

I love it well done happy workers give more of themselves = successful company. I always used to walk by the river around the trees watching the water come to me listening to birdsong made me feel whole again for all the times of hurt and trouble sadness and grief we always have nature God is so good he made so many wonderful things for us well done you lot keep up the good work

"Brilliant Idea" by
21 May 2021

A fantastic thing to do .

"Miss" by
20 May 2021

After working for 43 years, and retiring totally exhausted, I just wish we’d had employers like you. Your staff must just love their Wellness area, to relax in peace .. what a splendid idea!

"Fabulous Is Nature!" by
20 May 2021

You are to be congratulated upon this transformation and it will be of such great benefit to both your Staff
and the wildlife of course!
Don’t forget the Bees and the ‘ Crawley Creatures ‘ !
Well done Haiths!!

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