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Discover all you need to know about the Wren

Wednesday, 8th May 2019

The Wren (Troglodytes Troglodytes) is a small dumpy bird that is a warm brown colour with lighter shades of brown and cream, its wings are small and round and its tail is short and narrow which is sometimes cocked up vertically.
It is also known to have a loud song, which is a clear warbling sound - quite remarkable for such a small bird.
Somewhat surprisingly, the Wren is the most common breeding bird in the UK - between April and July they can produce 5 or 6 eggs in two broods. Their nests are made from balls of leaves and grass; however, an artificial bird house can make life a great deal easier for the busy Wren!

Schwegler Spherical Wren House
It inhabits a very wide variety of places from remote mountain tops, sea cliffs, woodland, farmland and parks; it is also a regular visitor to most gardens. It is a bird that never seems to keep still for long, and when they venture out into the open they dart from one place to another, in search predominantly of insect food - looking through remote nooks and crannies  in trees, bushes, garden borders, behind sheds and often skulking close to garden walls and wooden fences to see if they can find a morsel or two.
It's easy to overlook the Wren when it comes to providing supplementary bird food. They won't readily explore a bird feeder, but they'll happily take small mealworms, Haith's Prosecto Insectivorous, and Golden Chorus when offered via a bird table or ground feeder. These super nutritious softfoods are high in protein, naturally nutritious and contain fruit that the birds love. Wrens are often happier when foods made available for them in, say, a dish, left at the base of shrubs or bushes. Ideal for timid Wrens.


Golden Chorus
If you happen to see one of these little birds in your garden take note of its movements as it is an expert at hopping and dashing swiftly along the ground.

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