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Feed more birds for less

Thursday, 25th September 2014

Surely it's impossible to feed MORE birds for LESS? Read here to find out why you can feed birds and save money.
Surely it's impossible to feed MORE birds for LESS? Actually, it's easy. Our bird feeding community has been shaving pounds off the cost of bird food for several years, and you can do the same...

We're encouraging wildlife enthusiasts to buy bird food in bulk and pay much less per kg in hope that more wild bird residents and winter visitors get fed high quality, clean bird food during the winter months ahead.

Over 50% of the UK population feed the birds and rather than try to encourage the other 50% to feed birds we'd like to make it more cost effective for YOU to feed the birds and we hope that will help you to feed more of them.

That's the plan. 

The only other way we could do this is, to make cheaper bird food; however, we think that's counterproductive as cheap is not good for birds: dusty cheap bird foods are in fact dangerous to birds. 

If bird feeding is to contribute significantly to avian health, welfare and conservation it must involve the use of high quality seeds and they must be super clean. Not "just clean" - SuperClean (our scientific cleaning and QC process). 

The extra bird food couldn’t come at a better time as, every autumn thousands of Chaffinches, Greenfinches, Robins, Blackbirds, Song Thrushes and many other familiar birds arrive from the continent, as far east as Russia – in search of food. If only they had regional accents it would be easier to distinguish the foreigners from the brits, though there are scientists who maintain that there are some discernible differences between say a Polish and a British Chaffinch. If nothing else it makes you listen harder, as well as adding another dimension to garden birdwatching. 

Is that my Robin, or is it a continental? That could be a Russian Starling? Do you think that Greenfinch sounds French? 

Well, they may be from all over the place but they’ll all enjoy the idea of Haith’s Customers feeding more of them! 

For examples of the savings and to see how much more value buying in bulk is, read: 

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