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Feed More Birds for Less...explained

Thursday, 13th March 2014

Saving money is easy - just compare the price per kg, and see how the price drops as the weight goes up.
Feed More Wild Birds for Less

If you’re new to Haith’s there’s something you should know, feeding more birds for less money per kg is easy when you buy in bulk.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised to read that “bulk” means any weight over 2kg.

Our bird food comes with a money back guarantee, and we can offer this because we’re confident in our ability to deliver great service and great quality products. Three years ago, we demonstrated how affordable our high quality seeds and foods are by illustrating what we call our Feed More Birds for Less formula.

Saving money is simple: choose the right food for you and your garden birds and then compare the price per kg to see how much you could save by buying in bulk.

Also as over 50% of our raw materials are UK sourced you’re helping British farmers do more for nature conservation in-situ and potentially feeding even more birds for less.

How it works:
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