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Garden Birds Need Our Help All Year Round

Wednesday, 10th September 2014

Do garden birds need feeding during spring and summer? The answer is absolutely, YES! Find out why here.
Bill OddieIn fact, we should feed the birds in winter, spring, autumn and, most definitely, summer.

The message is simple but can make all the difference. Natural wild food is scarce in the summer, so birds need our help more than ever to retain their energy to get them through the busy breeding season.

Bill Oddie says, “People still seem surprised when I tell them that during the summer months we should actually increase the amount of food we put out for the birds. There are more birds around and every time the youngsters leave the nest they add to the numbers in the garden. A new family may be one or two, maybe half a dozen. Plus, the parents are still around and they are pretty worn out.”

“Even before the youngsters arrive, they have been working hard to build a nest. Then they lay and incubate the eggs, perhaps the least hectic time but the parents still need to feed themselves. The quality of the food will affect the health of the offspring. Ironically, the healthier the nestlings are, the hungrier they look - their frantic begging for more uses up energy which can only be replaced by more food. “

WrenBill also points out, “The chicks that are barely moving are the ones in danger. It might be illness, or hunger, or even starvation. The ones that get the food are the survivors. The responsibility is with the parents. Every daylight minute they must search for food, feed the young and then find more. It really is the survival of the fittest.”

When it comes to selecting the correct food for spring and summer feeding you can’t go far wrong. Any of the foods we (Haith’s) offer can be fed all year round; however, there are some that work even better during the breeding season because they’ve been blended especially for fledglings and busy parents, we call them our softfoods.

Here’s 5 softfoods to spring into summer bird feeding:

Mealworm Crumble

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