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Get to know your garden birds from the comfort of an armchair

Wednesday, 24th June 2020

Bird watching is easier than we may think while we are staying safely at home. And - let's face it - we can’t get much closer to home and nature than sitting in the comfort of an armchair with a cup of tea watching the birds that visit our garden.

More starlings

Garden bird watching is a brilliant way to observe the birds and to help learn to identify the different species and study their actions. Our gardens are often perfect places for birds to feed, nest and bathe in - whilst several species may only use our gardens on a seasonal basis, some have become regular visitors year in year out, such as Robins, Wrens, sparrows, woodpeckers, blackcaps and chaffinches.
Roase Hip

A lot of nature lovers will feed the birds regular hopefully and ideally providing a range of good clean dust-free seed mixes either on a bird table or hanging and ground feeders, which will encourage different species that may not have visited our gardens before.

Additionally, planting shrubs or bushes also provide safety for birds to nest in and can provide natural food too such as berries, insects and even fallen fruits, even the smallest of gardens can help give birds sanctuary and attract new ones into your garden.

If you're feeding and watching the wild birds, why not have a notebook and pen handy to write down the different species that visit and what they tuck into when they are there. Also to help identify the garden birds that come into your garden why not visit Haith’s website which has a bird food and bird guide to help you identify them by clicking onto this link

By taking this step you will find that the more you learn about garden birds and their behaviour the more you will want to learn and get involved, and you can do all this without even leaving your home. Young and old are encouraged to get involved by watching the birds in the garden as it is good for our health and well-being and an experience you will not want to miss.

Garden birds

Wtritten by Chris Smith

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