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Going BIG can make life easier

Wednesday, 13th January 2016

Brilliantly designed and incredible value for money, Big Easy™ is this year's biggest news in bird feeder birdcare.
Yet there’s a good chance that even the most conscientious of us may have at one point or another neglected to refill them with bird seed. Why?
Going big can make life easy

The most common reason for not filling the feeder is prolonged wet spells (even when there's food available to fill the feeders). Here's the thing, trudging through muddy gardens in the pouring rain isn't as much fun as it used to be, is it? It might be a mild winter; however, it's cooler than it is indoors, and the motivation to locate the wellies that were last seen being munched by the dog, sometime during spring, is hard to muster.

So, today we offer a solution; it's called the Big Easy.

Big Easy Seed Feeder

Big because of fewer refill trips.
Easy because it takes the aggravation out of cleaning.
And we could add "tough" because it's constructed from weatherproof, chew-proof new RoxResin® which comes with what can only be introduced as an epic 100-year guarantee!
Big Easy Seed Feeder

In addition, whilst we're singing this new feeder's praises, we would have to add that it's also very clever and intuitive. No, it won't complete the crossword in The Sunday Times but its seed ventilation system keeps food fresher for longer and the innovative feeding ports and perches are no puzzle to birds; they're easy to fly to and away from, and birds can quickly change their position to keep an eye out for predators.

It's available in three sizes:
Big Easy Seed Feeder

2 port feeder - 323mm - approx. capacity 1L
4 port feeder - 334mm - approx. capacity 1.6L
6 port feeder - 435mm - approx. capacity 2.2L

We highly recommend adding The Big Easy Seed Tray as that will help to make life even easier as it stops waste husk gathering beneath feeders.
Big Easy Seed Feeder Tray

Just about any bird seed (apart from soft foods) can be fed from The Big Easy, but the ideal seed mix would have to be Huskfree Advance as all the husks have been removed from it, which means it's 100% edible and leave no mess.

In summary, if the walk to the bird feeder is lonely, wet, muddy and you'd rather be wearing slippers (for an extra day or two between filling the feeder) than wellies...The Big Easy might just have your name written all over it.

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