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Here at the Bird Food Centre in Grimsby we are still open

Thursday, 7th May 2020

Here at the Bird Food Centre in Grimsby we are still open, still fulfilling customer orders but also respecting the government guidelines with regards to social distancing.
We have introduced ‘cleaning around the clock’ which means wiping down our work stations and protecting our colleagues as well as wearing the standard PPE.

As I do every weekday morning, I set off from home on my usual journey to the Bird Food Centre from Cleethorpes which, at this moment in time, is only taking me approximately 10 minutes to get to work.

The sky is grey this morning and a little cooler of late. The temperature has really dropped from the weekend. As I drive into the car park, the little baby bunnies are making an appearance running around our wildlife garden and the birds are on the bird feeding dining stations.

Pulling into my parking space, I noticed the female Pheasant, the hen, feeding from a ground feeding dish and picking up any loose seed from the ground.
Femail pheasant
Female pheasant eating from the ground

She looked so contented this morning and allowed me to get so close to her to enable me to share these photos.

Through these tough times, that we are all experiencing at the moment, I am so pleased we are able to connect through nature, taking time to reflect and together hope to beat this aggressive virus. Its also a pleasure for me to share my experiences with you.

Stay safe and keep well.

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