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Haith’s autumn garden part 1

Friday, 6th October 2017

Haith’s moved to Genesis Way, Europarc Grimsby in 2008 after outgrowing its Cleethorpes home of 61 years. Read on to learn how we created our very own autumn garden...
Factory 2008

It was a hectic time moving everything over from Park Street, however, we finally settled into our new factory where we’re proud to manufacture our award-winning superclean bird food.

Once the shop was stocked and running smoothly we started to concentrate on the wildlife around us and – it has to be said – it was practically non-existent as is the case for far too many commercial ‘parks.’ What little wildlife we could find needed immediately to be protected and we set our stall out to plant native species and allow wild areas to flourish without becoming unsightly.
Factory outlet 2017

As you’d expect, we started by putting out well-stocked feeding stations with a couple of Droll Yankee bird feeders filled with high-energy Sunflower hearts and – even though we couldn’t see them – we instinctively knew it would only be a matter of time before Goldfinches found us – so, we also filled feeders with Niger Seed and sat back and waited…
Niger Seed
Sunflower Hearts

It only took a couple of days before the first Goldfinch arrived followed by another and another and another..... You get where I am going with this.

Pretty soon we were feeding a ‘charm’ of Goldfinch and they have continued to grow and grow in numbers proving that commercial zones can work together with nature.

Classic bird station

We now have four stations out the front of our factory one of them being our New Classic bird station. I’m proud to say that we have a large range of birds and wildlife visiting the feeders daily, and the office team spend far too much time looking out at them through their window. The thing is, the team get so much enjoyment out of watching the birds while they answer customers’ phone calls I sometimes wonder if they’re all enjoying themselves far too much!

Autumn is fast approaching and we are looking at all our fledglings making their preparations for their travels to warmer climates and have given them a helping hand with our New Fledgling mix to build them up for the long flights ahead, we will be sorry to see them go but take comfort in the ones that stay behind.

Hedgehog House

Again this year we rescued a hedgehog that had got into a little trouble and hadn’t put on enough body fat for its long hibernation - after calling our local hedgehog rescue, they took him with some of our hedgehog food and dried mealworms to help pile those ounces on.

There is always some drama going on outside our front door - EastEnders is no contest to our wildlife drama.

Anyway, I must dash as there are feeders to be cleaned and birds to feed.

To be continued…

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