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Haith's Autumn Garden part 2

Friday, 24th November 2017

As the hours of daylight grow shorter we are seeing a great change in our garden here at Europarc Grimsby.

The beautiful shrubs opposite our office windows have gone from being lush and green to a lovely orange and golden colour – they certainly make for a radiant display.
Whilst writing this blog around twenty Goldfinches have flown in to feed on our feeders full of sunflower hearts.  Although Niger Seed is their favoured seed, we can most definitely give assurance that they love sunflower hearts too. Our empty feeders at the end of each day are confirmation of this.
Gold Finch
A cheeky Pied Wagtail has decided to try his luck with the fallen seeds, but with a pair of Collared Doves lurking nearby, he has to be quick. 
Our newest visitor, which we have affectionately named ‘Mr Papadopolous’, is a gorgeous Crow.  He is waiting for us when we arrive at work in the morning and struts around our car park all day.
Mr Papadopolous
His main attraction?  Well, he’s looking out for his twice-daily treat of our suet logs. Containing seeds, cereals, suet and dried mealworms there’s little wonder he hangs around all day.  Just this last week we have watched him stand on the log with one foot while pecking away at the log.  We thought he was a bit of a loner at first but we had a shock one afternoon as down flew four Crows! We have no idea which one is the original visitor so all the crows have the same nickname.  They certainly keep us entertained although with seagulls hanging around overhead, they have to eat at full speed.
Our old favourite Patrick the pheasant still comes regularly for his Garden Pheasant mix.  Pecking around under our Help To Fly Bird Station, he certainly is a most welcome guest in our garden.  Coming right under our office windows and walking right by our outlet doorway we get to see him close up in all his glory. Those attractive feathers and deep colours really do catch your eye. He is without a doubt one of our most gorgeous visitors that even customers and our neighbours next door have commented on.
Our Autumn/Winter mix is proving successful in bird feeders too.  Taken by a range of birds including blackbirds, House Sparrows and Greenfinches it’s a great help at this time of year. Containing extra oil and tiny hulled seeds it will help birds enter spring in great shape for breeding. Try feeding this in any of our seed feeders, including The Big Easy and The One range for maximum effect.
Green Finch
As the day draws to a close our resident rabbits come hopping over for the last of the day’s dropped seeds helping us to clean up ready for the following day.
We all feel so lucky to work where we can see such lovely wildlife, proving that even in an industrial estate on the outskirts of town wildlife is never far away.

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