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The 3-in-1 Haith's Baits all contain genuine Robin Red.

3-in-1 Baits containing Robin Red®

These baits feature the new Robin Red (UK/EU) natural in them. As a result of this improvement, you will notice a slight colouration change in SuperRed, NaturalRed, MarineRed and HoneyRed, all of which will be a little less ‘blood red’ in colour and a slightly more natural-looking ‘rust brown’ instead.

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ROBIN RED was first used in boiled baits (boilies) way back in the 60s, yet it is still going strong today. While other attractors have come and gone, ROBIN RED has stood the test of time, and it is now widely used by the bait industry to add both taste and smell to what might be otherwise bland baits.

The “Red Range” as it is known are all designed with a multi-purpose theme in mind, as they can be used as a groundbait, a Method Mix or, when ground down to a fine powder, as a complete boilie base mix in their own right. The carp industry are encouraged to use these ingredients to add value to their own unique base mixes - to add extra crunch where appropriate or, grind down and add extra nutrition in the shape of a bird food inspired ingredient.

The most complex of the range is SuperRed, but the other members of the Red Range - MarineRed, HoneyRed and NaturalRed - are equally effective as ‘Three-In-One’ mixes. While the Reds are more likely to be used by carp anglers, SuperTench is aimed specifically at the tench angler, but it too can be used in the multi-faceted three-in-one guise. You can find out more by browsing our article pages of the site.