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A groundbait with a difference

Monday, 27th June 2016

Looking for a nut-based groundbait/Method Mix, preferably with Robin Red in the recipe? Look no further! Haith's have developed SuperNut, the newest addition to the 'Super' range of multi purpose mixes.

Containing all your favourite nut baits as well as crushed hemp seed, Red Factor and Robin Red, SuperNut is easy to prepare and even easier to use.

Robin Red


I keep with the tradition set by the other mixes in the range, we have designed SuperNut to bind easily with not only water and liquid attractors but also with eggs.

Hemp Seed

super nut with coffee grinder

Red Factor

If you are looking for a less coarse blend simply grind down the SuperNut with a coffee grinder.
mix thoroughly with water.

Place the dry mix in a bowl, add your attractors and then mix thoroughly with water.
liquid foods from feed Stimulants are ideal.

You can add liquid attraction at this stage, too, and these stunning liquid foods from Feed Stimulants are ideal.
, allow the mixture to rest for half and hour in a cool dry spot

When you have mixed the liquids and the dry mix, allow the mixture to rest for half and hour in a cool dry spot. You will then find that it can be moulded easily into groundbait balls of whatever size meets your requirements.
Fox Paste Bombs

You can also mould some of the mix around your lead, and I have mentioned the Fox Paste Bombs in this blog before. They really are an ideal addition to your end tackle as they bring floods of attraction to bear on the end gear in the area of your hookbait. This is a standard 1.5oz Paste Bomb:
SuperNut paste

The SuperNut paste will stick to the Paste Bomb and you can really load it us, so much so that but by the time you have added the paste the overall weight is more or less doubled.
SuperNut it breaks down

Due to the coarse nature of SuperNut it breaks down really well on the lakebed, as you can see in the next two photos. In this first one, the groundbait balls have only been in the water for about 5 minutes but, already, you can see how the structure is starting to give way...
groundbait balls

Here the groundbait balls have been soaking for about 45 minutes and now you can see a greater degree of breakdown has taken place. Already you can see how the paste is breaking down into its component parts.
paste has broken down

After a couple of hours the paste has broken down almost completely and as a result the area around the lead and hookbait has become clouded up with all the attraction of the crushed nuts and seeds.
drawing carp into the area

At the same time the liquid attractors have also leached out and will be starting to do their job of drawing carp into the area.
casting out has now broken down completely

You will also note that the paste that you moulded around the paste bomb when just before casting out has now broken down completely leaving behind only the tantalising crumbs of crushed nuts and seeds.
SuperNut can also be mixed with eggs

As mentioned in the introduction SuperNut can also be mixed with eggs to form a stiffer paste that will break down more slowly. This can then be rolled by hand into bait-sized balls which - when boiled - will create a nut boilie. I like to grind down the SuperNut with a coffee grinder when making egg-based pastes. The slower breakdown is one of the main advantages of using eggs, but one should also consider the fact that the tighter structure also slows down the rate at which attraction will leak out. You will find that a two-egg mix will make enough paste for a days fishing. Break these into your bowl ready to add your attractors.
Here I am using Milk B+ at 1g per egg

Here I am using Milk B+ at 1g per egg, and Green Lipped Mussel Extract at 3g per egg. Finally I add this fantastic Liquid Oyster Extract. N.B. This is NOT the cheap stuff you find in the supermarkets called Oyster Sauce. This brand of Oyster Extract is a thick powerful-smelling liquid that brings far more to your bait that any supermarket product.
SuperNut with the eggs

Now all that remains is to blend the ground SuperNut with the eggs and attractors to form a big ball of paste. This I pop into the freezer ready for my next session.
egg-based pastes

I generally create both water-based and egg-based pastes and freeze these together in the same bag. This allows me to choose one or the other depending on how fast I want the attraction to leak out.
SuperNut with me to France recently

I took a prototype of SuperNut with me to France recently and used it on the paste bomb and as groundbait balls. Using the famous Trigga boilies from Nutrabaits, flavoured with the amazing Blue Oyster flavour to supplement the SuperNut I enjoyed fantastic sport on the newly opened Lac Elba, a six-acre lake on the Le Queroy complex.
A nice Lac Elba mirror

A nice Lac Elba mirror.

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