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This recipe has caught fish every single time

Wednesday, 5th November 2014

Well it's been a while since my last blog for Haith's and I thought I'd write a new one, since my last blog I have found a combination thanks to Haith's that has caught me fish every single time I have used it.
You may remember from my previous blogs that I have had success using my own recipe for Red Hemp & Chilli Boilies, well Haith's have brought out a new range of base mixes and one of those is "Robin Red & Chilli" now this makes my job of making my favourite boilies even easier as my recipe has become a lot simpler...

Red Hemp & Chilli Boilies
14oz Haith's Robin Red & Chilli Base Mix
1oz Ground Hemp Seed
0.6oz Whole Egg Powder
0.4oz Brewers Yeast
3 Large Eggs
10ml Haith's Liquid Robin Red
10ml Hemp Oil
2tsp Hemp Protein Powder

Robin Red with Chilli

Hemp Seed


Paste Ball

Now this will make you around 250-300 14mm boilies. I take around 20 boilies (after they have been boilies and air dried) and place them in a glug pot, next take 30ml of Haith's Liquid Robin Red, 10ml hemp oil and mix it with 10ml of glycerine.

Liquid Robin Red
Boilies Boiling

Boilies drying
Robin Red Liquid

mix with glycerine

Pour the mixture over the boilies in the glug pot and leave for around a month, giving them a gentle shake every now and then to make sure they all keep covered. If they soak up all the liquid simply add a bit more.
Pour over the boilies

After a month the boilies will be ready to use. Now here is where the combination comes in that I have been having huge success with, Haith's have also brought out a new range of "soft pellets" that break down quite quickly.
After a month the boilies will be ready to use
Robin Red Pellets

The combination is to put a glugged red hemp & chilli boilie on the hair and combine that with a small pva mesh bag of Haith's Robin Red & Chilli pellets.

I fish quite a few different lakes, none with particularly big fish but... Using this combination I have caught first time using the combination at every lake I've fished.

I have even managed to catch a tench on the combination which was a very nice surprise considering the temperature was less than 10 degrees on that day.

Well I hope you have enjoyed my latest blog.

Till next time.


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"Credit Where It'S Due." by
08 Nov 2014

I always like the fact that you give credit to your suppliers
look forward to more.

"Really Useful Info" by
05 Nov 2014

Thanks for the info Anthony. I'll have a go at this.

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