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Adam Roots takes the Robin Red Pellets into Devonia

Monday, 6th October 2014

This trip finds me across the border into Devonia! Anyway, the place I decided to visit is well known to me although I haven't been as much as I`d like. It’s small, perfectly formed and can be very tricky... How would Haith’s new pellets cope?
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Taking some freshly rolled recipe three 14mm boilies using the cranberry/cream cajouser combo I like... [I only roll small batches - I find it best to do this for testing]...I settled on a swim that has done well for me in the past plus you can cover a lot of options even if two/three other anglers turn up [only three swims really]...

Fishing three rods, two in the left and right margins and the other in the open water an area I have no confidence in what so ever...I simply lowered the two marginal [left/right hand] rigs until I felt the “donk,” then put a couple of handfuls of dampened Robin Red & Chilli pellets right over the top of my baited area, plus a few whole and broken 14mm Robin Red boilies as well...then I slunk back to my swim to prepare the open water rod.........which I quietly did, this one was just flicked into the area with a five bait old skool stringer....and slacked line....

“I carefully photographed them both with by now some confidence on the Chilli pellets that they attract and hold feeding fish in a swim”

As mentioned it’s only just an acre this pool so you have to remember `study to be quiet` with this in mind I set up for the next 18 hrs or so...

A few hours had passed with no action at all, but just before dark I put in some more dampened Chilli pellets over the two marginal baited spots...I was confident enough to leave all my baited area hookbaits in situ, ‘til at least first light as I knew the glugged liquid Robin Red baits will stay firm and withstand small fish attention for a good while.

Staying awake until at least 1am, I must have dozed off, it was still warm and I was in my lightweight summer clothes I found myself playing a hard fighting common, the take coming from the right hand margin...after photographing the lovely common and slipping it gently back to its home I re-baited the same spot. I was just lighting up my 27ul Trangia for a cuppa and the same rod literally roared off again, after quite a long fight where the fish decided to make a bolt for the wooded platform bridge I netted rather a strange looking double figure mirror and very welcome it was I was happy with this and satisfied with the way the session was going, even if I didn't catch any more [I`m not greedy!]

At first light I had another two takes, this time from the Chilli baited spot on my left.

I carefully photographed them both with by now some confidence on the Chilli pellets that they attract and hold feeding fish in a swim......

I didn't get as much as a bleep on the open water time though I`ll try some pellet around me thinks...some pictures of the session...more to come.....and overview....




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