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An Aladdin's Cave of carp bait 2014 - Part 3

Saturday, 15th November 2014

The final installment of Opening the door to Aladdin's Cave 2014

Anyone who has ever watched carp, tench or barbel attack a carpet of hempseed or groats will testify to the astonishing effectiveness of mass baits. Hempseed, oat groats, Red Band and Micro Complex are just four examples of our range of mass baits, all are intended to make feeding fish feel confident in the baited area. A confident fish is a catchable one and the whole idea behind mass baits is to instil the confidence that will lead the carp to make a mistake on the hookbait. In order to lower the carps’ guard it is necessary to promote aggressive and competitive feeding, and nothing achieves this better than mass baits.
Check out the blog articles on our mass baits such as hempseed, groats (shown here), and buckwheat and many others.


We designed the ‘Reds’ specifically to fulfil several functions, not least to be used as a stand-alone Method Mix. This style of fishing is a mélange between the ideas behind paste baits and mass baits, as by combining the two concepts and concentrating the bait in one small area – around the Method Feeder – that all-important degree of feeding aggression and competition can be achieved. There is no need to grind down and of the ‘Reds’ if you wish to use it as a Method Mix, as it is perfectly suited to this type of fishing straight out of the bag.
Moisten SuperRed
Moisten SuperRed with water and add liquid attractors, then mold around a Method Feeder.


There is not much we can say about tigers that has not already been said before, other than to tell you that our tiger nuts are selected especially for us so that we can offer the cream of the crop to our clients. Ground tiger nuts also form part of the recipe for SuperRed. One point we would like to make is that our tigers are best used as fresh as possible after boiling. The once popular trend of allowing ‘tiger slime’ to form has been shown, in our experience, to be a limiting factor in the effectiveness of tigers. Yes, this flies in the face of the perceived wisdom, but we do urge you to use our tiger nuts before they start to ferment and produce the slime. We are sure you will be astonished at the results!
Tiger Nuts
Use our tigers as fresh as possible.

Ground tiger nuts have a number of bait applications. For instance you can create boiled baits simply by mixing ground tiger nuts 50/50 with one of these specially selected boilie ingredients, namely Nectarblend, Red Factor and Softbill Food.
boiled bait base mix
Ground tiger nuts can form part of a successful boiled bait base mix, as you can see here.

Alternatively why not make groundbait using any of our egg-based birdfoods. This is a dampened blend of Red Factor, Robin Red and ground tiger nuts.
create a mix that is sticky to the touch
You want to create a mix that is sticky to the touch, as this will help the mixture to blend.

Correctly prepared you can create delicious balls of carpy tiger-nut-based goodness ready to be fired out into the lake.
Once on the lakebed the baits will soften and breakdown
Once on the lakebed the baits will soften and breakdown and the ground tiger nuts start to give off their special and unique attraction.



I have kept the best till last. For some time now anglers have been asking for a pellet based on Robin Red. Sure a couple of companies offer their own versions but their inclusion rate is much lower than ours. Anyway, surely the best RR pellet would be the one that has been created, developed and tested by makers of the red stuff themselves...Us!

Well after a lot of trial and error, including one or two false starts, I can tell you that Haith’s Baits have finally released not one but three versions of Robin Red Pellet. These are Robin Red and Fishmeal, Robin Red and Chilli and Robin Red and garlic. Look elsewhere in my blog for just one application you can put these too, the extraordinary Pellet Soup. You should also find a blog entry outlining just how we developed the new pellets over a three-year test period.
Robin Red and Fishmeal pellets
These are the Robin Red and Fishmeal pellets.

And we haven’t rested on our laurels. Testing of new versions of the Robin Red Pellets continue with new variations, blends and concentrations coming along all the time. For instance, at the moment I have sitting on my desk in front of me, the latest prototypes from HQ, a harder version of the original Robin Red Pellet. I shall be putting these through their paces soon.
The latest hardened version of the RR Pellet
The latest hardened version of the RR Pellet.


You may also have heard a whisper that we have developed a range of base mixes, the Probase Range. These are all based on my own recipes, some of them going back to my very first days as a home roller, more years ago that I care to remember.
Some of the Probase recipes go back to my early days of bait making so you could say they have stood the test of time!

Once again we are testing these in the field with a group of lads who know how to put a few fish on the bank. We have already released three base mixes that compliment the range of Robin Red Pellets so now not only can you create your own Probase boilie, you can have a dedicated pellet to compliment it!
One of the Probase boilie mixes
One of the Probase boilie mixes. These have just come out of the pan and are ready to be air-dried.

I was very closely involved in the development of all the Probase Mixes and have used them both home and abroad. Below you can see a mixed selection of several different prototypes that I used while field testing the Probase Range.
Some Probase baits in a glug
Some Probase baits in a glug of molasses and Corn Steep Liquor from Nutrabaits.

For the most part my tests were successful!
Success on the Probase mix Robin Red and Fishmeal
Success on the Probase mix Robin Red and Fishmeal.

So there we are, a quick whiz around the latest goodies in our range. As I said at the beginning, fifteen years ago I coined the phrase, “An Aladdin’s Cave of Carp Baits”. As it was then so it is now…only bigger and better!

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