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Bank BUG brings Baitcraft's boilies back

Monday, 23rd November 2015

But the question is, are they a Haith's Approved Bait Firm and do they have a licence to sell Robin Red?
I feel the need to comment as we've seen a number of concerned articles about Bank BUG's intentions to bring back Baitcraft's boilie range. I wouldn't normally make a comment on such news were it not for the fact that Bank BUG intend to use one of our registered trade marks, Robin Red®, in their mix. 

I'm sure Bank BUG's intentions are genuine and I'll no doubt get a chance to discuss this matter with them at some point (if they decide to apply for an acount and to use the Robin Red logo). The fact that the company in question is promoting in open forums that they are using our ingredients demands an open forum response to protect the work we're doing with our Approved Bait Firms project and licensing. 

Baitcraft ceased including Robin Red® in their bait a number of months before they closed and it was replaced by Baitcraft's very own "Cypryphyll". This decision ended our trading agreement. 

If Bank BUG wishes to re-introduce Baitcraft's boilies, that's very much up to them and we wish them well. However, we wish to point out that there's no agreement in place between Haith's and Bank BUG and - until there is - if there is to be one at all - they are not one of our Approved Bait Firms and should not be using the logo (or even Robin Red name) as they are on Facebook (see below):

It could be of course that Bank BUG is indeed using genuine Robin Red; however, at this stage we have not been approached to supply them and they should not be using the Robin Red logo.

Furthermore, to show the Robin Red logo without the licence number goes against everything we have tried to achieve by introducing the licensing programme.

A unique licence number is awarded to each individual Approved Bait Firm and this allows all of us (including Haith's) to verify who's selling Robin Red. A genuine logo looks like this:

Although in this instance the logo is on a transparent background the licence number can be seen clearly. This licence number is registered to Haith's products. Other bait firms' can be viewed on the Approved Bait Firm page. (UPDATE: To be clear, bait firms don't have to buy direct from Haith's in fact we encourage anglers and the trade to shop with Approved Bait Firms. That said, it's essential we can trace the origin of every Robin Red product). 

We do this to help anglers spend their time and money fishing with genuine ingredients. That's not to say that Bank BUG isn't buying the bait from a legitimate sales channel; however, given the unique circumstances and the retraction from using Robin Red in Baitcraft's bait we would need to be 100% certain that our ingredients were being used at value for money (to the angler) inclusion rates based on thousands of hours of field trials by those who know how to get the best from the big red.

In summary, our commitment is to anglers and Approved Bait Firms because we feel it's our responsibility to highlight who's using genuine ingredients to make their bait.

We supply some of the biggest and most innovative bait firms in the world and they work closely with us to ensure anglers are treated with the respect and courtesy of knowing that they're getting what they've paid for.

Bank BUG need to apply to become an Approved Bait Firm. Their intentions may be very genuine; however, using the goodwill of a brand like Robin Red to reinstate a boilie's integrity isn't appropriate in this case given the fact that it was removed from the bait and replaced with Baitcraft's "own" alternative. We would need reassurance that this wouldn't happen again...

Bank BUG should contact to discuss this oversight. 

In the meantime, my advice is simple: shop with an Approved Bait Firm if you want to buy Robin Red.

Robin Red® is a registered trade mark of John E. Haith Ltd (T/A Haith's). 

UPDATE: 23 Nov 2:38. Bank BUG have been in touch with Haith's and they will be applying for Approved Bait Firm status. Haith's will clarify the inclusion rates for Robin Red/CLO baits before consideration...

LATEST NEWS: 27 Nov, 2015. After having had sight of Bank BUG/Baitcraft's T1 ingredients, and after receiving an acceptable application from Bank BUG, confirming that they are prepared to adhere to our T&Cs, we have awarded the company 'Approved Bait Firm' status and use of the Robin Red logo. 
Anglers, I (Simon King - Haith's Baits) have received personal assurances from Chris Cox (Managing Director of Bank BUG) that they will adhere to 10% Robin Red and 10% Haith's CLO (for T1). In the interest of anglers and Haith's, I needed to be certain that Bank BUG were indeed sticking to Baitcraft's 'original' recipe. How do I know these inclusion rates match Baitcraft's original formula? Because I met Mark McKenna at his factory several years ago and witnessed the formula for myself. (This was before Baitcraft removed Robin Red from their baits and sold cheaper versions of their bait in the market). I didn't feel it was fair to anglers if the inclusion rates were to be different given that Bank BUG's marketing refers to: "Bank BUG will gain access to ‘original’ recipes and suppliers over the next few weeks, ingredient by ingredient, the baits will be rolled exactly as Mark did from day one, no corners will be cut and no stone left unturned." 

Find out more about our #ApprovedBaitFirms 



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"Mr." by
25 Nov 2015

You say that there are other suppliers of genuine Robin Red, and that BankBUG may have already been buying from one of those. The fact that you don't actually know if they have or not suggests to me that these other suppliers are not obliged to notify you when another party buys R.R from them. That being so, what is the point of the license? It would seem that they just need to apply for a license and they get one. Or is there more you have not said to this?

Haith's customer services:

Thanks for your question.

We didn't know whether BankBUG were using Robin Red and that's why we needed to find out if they were.

Approved Bait Firms don't have to tell us who they are supplying and some bait firms use Robin Red without ever mentioning that it's a key component of their bait; however, when companies do mention Robin Red they are benefiting from the goodwill of the brand and all that has gone before.

When we spot a bait firm selling Robin Red who's not an Approved Bait Firm we may approach them and ask who their supplier is. 9/10 the information is forthcoming and we go to the supplier to corroborate the information. This is done with commercial sensitivity in 99% of cases and we then work with the supply chain to ensure anglers can easily find Approved Bait Firms (and their customers, where applicable).

Bank BUG was ill advised to use the Robin Red logo without the license number. This matter illustrates that there is very much a point to the logo and license and that it a). is protecting of our community trademark, b). protecting anglers - so we can improve their chances of purchasing genuine Robin Red, c). protecting bona-fide bait firms that do use Robin Red (see our Approved Bait Firm page).

The Baitcraft recipes throw a further layer of complexity on top of the matter, however, as Baitcraft removed Robin Red from its baits in the late stages of the companies trading history. We needed to be clear that Bank BUG were indeed going to be using genuine Robin Red at the "original" inclusion rates (as per their marketing) and this they have guaranteed to us; we (Haith's) have had the companies written assurances that the inclusion rate is 10% and before our intervention this was unclear. We have cleared this matter up on the strength of the logo and license and our intentions to protect the angler are always good - as are the intentions of a vast majority of our Approved Bait Firms who - as you have correctly guessed - we have an excellent working relationship with and there is plenty we have not (and will not) say.

Suffice to say, however, that the point of the logo is this: it is a protected and registered trademark as is the brand name Robin Red. When BankBUG misused the logo, anglers told us. We reacted to that information and we've cleared up the confusion and Bank BUG can now go on with the business of re-launching a boilie many people are talking about and perhaps many will go on to buy.

I hope this has been a helpful reply.

Kind Regards

Simon King

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