Haka TakleHaka Robin Red Licence

Haka Tackle is the John E Haith Ltd Third Country EU Representative (TCR) and is registered in the Netherlands with the Approval Representative Number - 221861 (NVWA).

Haka Tackle can distribute Robin Red and Haith's ingredients throughout the EU - visit http://hakatackle.nl/ Robin Red® Licence No: RR2130413213NL

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Robin Red® Licence No: RR3813023113BE - Robin Gold®  Licence No: RG1240811215BE
Robin Orange™ Licence No: RO2731414815BE - Robin Green®  Licence No: RGR113216913BE

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Robin Red® Licence No: RR4785628116BE - Robin Gold® Licence No:RG0002180816BE

Robin Orange® Licence No: RO8508504716BE - Robin Green®  Licence No: RGR093230617BE

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Robin Red® Licence No: RR0151290419BE - Robin Green® Licence No: RGR0142131218BE